Help! Leaded fuel?

I recently purchased a Puch Maxi Sport MKII, that's in great shape. I need a new spark plug and spark plug cap/wire to get it started (i hope) which I plan on getting from Steves moped. However, on the gas tank it says do not use unleaded fuel. My question is, where do you get leaded fuel?? I'm not about to go up to people who own gas stations and say "psst, you have any leaded fuel pal?"

Would it hurt to use unleaded fuel?



RE: Help! Leaded fuel?

You can get additive's for unleaded to make it leaded. Most people use it in old cars, that run on leaded gas. I think it would work on a moped, but i don't know if it would mess with the 2cycle oil or not. you can get this at napa or autozone (any car part stores in your town) maybe even at a gas station! I dont think you should run the unlead if it tells you not too. some people will run the unleaded gas in stuff that say it needs leaded gas wich is not a good idea. it will mess up the motor some how, or won't run good. Just go down to your town car parts store and ask them they should help you out. I think the stuff is called "insted of lead" or something like that.

well, good luck!!!!


RE: Help! Leaded fuel?

David Brook /

I'm already missing my moped, nick :(

hehe.. nah its ok, I'll get another one soon and we'll ride SOMEDAY

You dont need leaded fuel for the moped. It is an old warning because in the past unleaded fuel had some harsh chemicals in it, or so I've heard. Just make sure you put the right ratio of premix in it.

if you feel the desire to put in some lead substitute anyway, I have a bottle of lead substitute I could give you but it wont accomplish anything. I tried it for one tankful and nothing was any better, but who knows.. =)


RE: Help! Leaded fuel?

Your Puch is a 2 stroke ....Right?.....Then you DO NOT have to use leaded fuel....It will not make it run better... and YOU WILL NOT HURT YOUR MOTOR by running unleaded....that must be a pretty old moped to have that warning on there.....all 2-strokes (including highly tuned racing dirt bikes) run fine on unleaded... your moped probably also says to run the oil mix at 20 to 1 or 25 to 1 also.....that is also not necessary... with modern oils you can run it at 3 ounces of 2-stroke oil to 1 gallon of gas.... which is 43 to 1

RE: Help! Leaded fuel?


These guy's know more than i do, go with their info.

see ya


RE: Help! Leaded fuel?

You do not need leaded gas. That is a total throwback. It will run fine with unleaded.

RE: Help! Leaded fuel?


Author: Jim C. (

Date: 05-15-00 23:19

"Back in then days before unleaded gas there was an unleaded fuel sold for camping stoves and lanterns. This was known as White Gas. It was not formulated as a motor fuel and would cause trouble with engines. This sticker was to keep cheap-ass moped owners from ruining their engines trying to save money. If the bike didn't say not to use White Gas, they could claim the factory never warned them and try to get a free moped from them through their ignorance.

Todays unleaded is a formulated motor fuel and since a 99.99% of mopeds don't have valves, lead was never required.

The 0.01%? Indian, which made the a four-stroke along with the Honda that used a motor-wheel.

Jim "

RE: Help! Leaded fuel?

Anthony Sperling /

Yes, today's unleaded automative fuel is fine for any two-stroke engine, actually better than yesterdays leaded fuels! However, if you have a four-stroke moped/scooter/motorbike like a Cushman, Honda, Indian, etc. you need to add a little bit of the lead substitutes, made by a reputable manufacturer, to the gas to help insure long engine valve and valve seat life. Cheep insurance!

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