return fire

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SUV drivers in are getting mean, protect yourselves.

Re: return fire

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I punch the plate number into a small digital memo pad BEFORE I enact revenge.

That way even if I catch a few, they know who did it.

Never had a cagepusher pull a firearm on me yet, tho I've had a pedestrian do so in the city, who quickly realised if he DID shoot me, my 'ped woulda promptly ran into him, and wisely decided to take cover - by which time I was behind a building.

Ruthless I can be...stupid, I am NOT.


Re: return fire

this past september.. i was out on tour with my band... before the show in New Orleans (while we were loading in our gear), this cyclist cut in front of a guy in a monte carlo... the guy slammed on the brakes and popped the trunk.. (keep in mind we were like 6 feet away from all this)... the cyclist threw his bike down and the cage pusher ran back to his trunk and pulled out a full sized MACHETE! starting pulling this bruce lee shit with it and went after the guy.. we were freaked...

dont know if he ended up chopping the guy up or not, but he came back and got in his car and drove off.. didnt seem to be covered in blood. and when i came back outside, the bike was gone and we didnt see any cops or medics...

crazy town.. =]


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So what band do you play in,Casey? Is Crisis in it,or Matt (the mad typist)?What sort of music and how big are your audiences?I'm curious,you know.I may have to try out! I sing a mean `Ferlin Husky'.Just Kiddin'.

Re: return fire

hah.. matt is our roadie/muscle/ass-kicker-when-people-dont-pay-up/merchandise guy....

the name of the group is "saturday supercade" (like the old cartoon show from the early 80's).. we are a poppy punk rock band... i'd say our audiences vary from town to town... sometimes we will play a city and there will be 300 people, sometimes there are 50 or less.. the biggest shows we have played have had upwards of 1500 or so... not very often though.. thats when we get on good slots with bigger bands.. =]

the link to our website is <a href="></a>;

crisis isn't in the band... he's just our buddy.. =]

we've been together about 4 years, but have only recently been trying to really make a go of it full time... right now our van is in the shop getting tranny work... but as soon as thats fixed, we'll hit the road again... we just had our 2nd cd come out in october, and its the first one we have had that is widely distributed.. you can find it almost anywhere... (,, best buy, etc...) so we are pretty excited about that...


Re: return fire

hmm.. no link?

try this...

<a href=""></a>;

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