Ye Olde Scooters

They're not peds... but these are just too funny looking.

Check out the floor pedals.

1948 Cushman

<IMG src="">;

1946 Salsbury

<IMG src="">;

1948 Cushman

<IMG src="">;

All being auctioned off in Vegas shortly.

Worth a LOT of money too.

Re: Ye Olde Scooters

I'd like to paint `eyes' right in the middle of the front fender on those SNAILS.Good snail pics Fred!!

Re: Ye Olde Scooters

Oh hell , here we go with the snails again, those were fine examples of the cadillac of scooters of there day, especially that salsbury from 46 they were 6 to 8 hp and would cruise at 50 all day long,, the "funny " pedals are for brake and clutch neither of which I believe a "moped " is entitled to,,, hmmmmmm..oh yeah , hand brakes and no clutch coupled with whoppin point 25 hp (.25) = crap (oops thats Crap with a capital C) baaa hahahahaha,,, watch my snail ass while I blow by you Barney Rubble.........My 1963 Cushman Silver Eagle Standard could eat a tomos and fart out a beer can...... and as for my "tiny" scooter wheels, well , I dont know about you guys, but down here in the south we do this little thing called (drive around stupid) miss the pot holes..Yeah your lookin at about 20,000 worth of scooters (all 3) mine is worth about 6500......Ok Stinky , you lay off the snails and I'll leave out the Flintstones.....Dig?... Rog

Re: Ye Olde Scooters

Nope! It's too much fun to razz you ,brother! You know I posted that to Fred just to see if you were still alive,don't you? Thought you may have been drivin' at night and hit a pothole.Does all that swerving wear out your snail's neck bones?BaHaHaHaHaHaaaaa!

Re: Ye Olde Scooters


"Don't worry, it's a racing snail!" --Tiny, from "the neverending story"


Re: Ye Olde Scooters

Rog says >

"I dont know about you guys, but down here in the south we do this little thing called (drive around stupid)"

Rog... Driving around stupid is not very smart.

Re: Ye Olde Scooters

I don't know about you,Fred,but I believe he does really do that.JUST KIDDING,Rog!You've only got one flaw I know about and that is your eyesight Mr.Magoo!

Re: Ye Olde Scooters

you beat me to it fred! i was going for that one! haha

kidding, rog... =]


Re: Ye Olde Scooters

I kind of like scooters too....but,

man, those are some ugly ass old scooters

look like air conditioners with a front wheel stuck on :)

Re: Ye Olde Scooters

Every time I see something horrid like that,the song `Short people got......' runs thru my tortured mind.`They got little arms,little legs,................

Yer kinda cute Rog


<IMG src="">;

giddyup snail !

Re: Yer kinda cute Rog

Ron Brown /


I give! I am not worthy enough to lick the chain lube off your rim.


Ass Hole in training.

Quit it

Quit it, you guys are making me laugh and then I start coughing. Have mercy on old Zippy.

"GiddYup Snail" I love it ROTFLMAO.

Hey even ugly old snails need love too.

OK Guys I open the bidding

OK Guys I open the bidding with a rusty old Puch carcass and a couple of bald tires. Do I hear another bid?

Re: Yer kinda cute Rog

Haw,Haw,Haw, Haw,BaHaHaHaHaaaaaa!!! I am sure glad I didn't have my coffee in my mouth when I saw Rog there!That's the best picture I've seen of them humpbacks for a while! LOL!!!

Re: OK Guys I open the bidding

Two snails!............No,three,threesnails! (:^)

Re: Salsbury wasn't just a steak

That Salsbury scooter was made here in Pomona, CA. by a company that had been making aircraft parts during the war. That's World War II for you young'uns.

The thing about the Salsbury was it's variator drive which allowed shift-free driving, hence the accelearator pedal you see along with the brake.

The Cushmans are Road King models that had a two speed hand shifted transmission. The clutch pedal is on the left, with the shift lever that sticks straight out just under the seat. The clutch was also semi-automatic, aloowing you to shift into low, let out the clutch and not stall the engine. When you were ready to go you just turned the right hand grip outward to accelerate the engine and off you went. Then you would jab the clutch and slap the lever into second with a crunch.

Another Cushman claim to fame is that kick starter pedal you had to reset by hand after every kick.


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