Peugeot 103 ?

Hi '

I just got this peugeot . getting ready to take the flywheel off. thats the problem. some one rounded the nut . Any thing that you suppose i can do, beside try to cut it off. don't know if they were trying tighten or loosen , but it don't matter now Thanks for the help. Stev

Re: Peugeot 103 ?

Matt Wilson /

Steve be careful with the fly wheels on peugots'. Most are not keyed so that if you do not mark the position you may never be able to get the bike to run again.

Make a little line across the spindle and fly wheel and it will be easy to line up when you put it back on. Is there a reason that you want to take it off?


Re: Peugeot 103 ?

yes , the timimg is off. i been trying . so was the other guy ,i think he tryed and was running in the wrong direction. as tight as it is he must used a impact on it.

getting nut off

If you need to get the nut off and got a little room to work with, go to AutoZone and get an in/out kit. It's only 3 to 4 dollars. What you do is drill a hole in the center of the nut you want removed. This in/out kit looks like a reverse drill bit. Anyway, drill the hole large enough so that you can get the in/out started in the hole. It's tapered so it will "grab" the nut. Then simply back it off.

Re: getting nut off

Ron Brown /


That is an easy out and works for sheared BOLTS. Steve has a NUT problem, which I suspect is recessed into the flywheel.

Steve, can you get to it with a punch and try to tap it around? Are you sure of the thread, left or right hand?


Re: getting nut off

gimmyjimmy /


I always use an in & out to get my nuts off. :{)

Re: getting nut off

Ron Brown /

and I'm sure you are enjoying it.. : )

Re: When you get the nut off

If you get the nut off ( use a chisel or an impact hammer, it's got right hand threads, but be careful and use plenty of penetrating oil i.e. P.B.Blaster ) let me know. Sears sells a timing tool that works perfect, no sense in marking it's location since it's off in the first place. I'll give you the timing specs then.

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