Motobecane Sebring

Hey,Zippy! As much as I admire that pic you posted last of the Sebring(I put it on computer screen as wallpaper),did you know it's missing the decorative side fairings under the gas tank and the rear decorative fairing behind the seat?I just now was looking at the wallpaper and noticed it.Still looks good though.(:>)

Re: Motobecane Sebring

Don I went back and looked at the label on the Sebring picture. Wherever I got it from it was labelled "MotoMarina Sebring" So maybe it is not really a Motobecane. Moto Morini did make their own mopeds, the Chembol and the Praktical in 1981. Both of these were step through models. So maybe this is a "mystery" moped

Re: Motobecane Sebring

Yeah,Zippy.It is exactly like a Motomarina but somebody's removed the side cowlings that cover under the seat(the trombone slide for the rear carrier isn't supposed to show),and removed that rear piece that screws onto the back of the seat.It would look even better with these on it.It's funny.I have seen step-thru Motomarinas.But I've never heard of the Chembol and the Praktical.Thanks!You getting over that flu bug?

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