damn, automatic bidding on e-bay

I just this moment lost the deal of a lifetime on ebay. It was a 2000 tomos targa with a biturbo and it went for 610. It was in beautiful condition. I think the kid used the automatic bidding system. oh well. well now i'm on the look out for a somewhat cheap newer tomos targa with biturbo. Maybe i'm crazy for thinking that i could get another deal like that (is it possible?). But hey, it's worth a try. E-mail me if you have one you're willing to sell, or know where i could get one. Thanks.



Re: damn, automatic bidding on e-bay

Sounds like you got sniped.....you were too cheap on your proxy bidding.... sniping only works against other bidders that are trying to get their item for dirt cheap....... if you're not going to be the sniper yourself, then you have to set your proxy bidding at the utmost maximum price you are willing to pay.... then if someone snipes/bids at the last minute, takes the item away from you, he has to pay a higher price then the price you set as your personal maximum price.....that way at least you can walk away from the auction feeling alittle better, knowing that someone paid more money then you thought the item was worth :)

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