4 Wheel Drive bike

I have been trying to figure out how to build a 4WD moped for you guys back in Snow Country, this is the best I could find, a 2WD ROKON. Anybody ever seen one of these?



Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Ron Brown /


That would be a 2 wheel drive bike. : )

Yes, they come up for sale from time to time around here and at swap meets.


Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Not EXACTLY like that,Zippy.I did see a regular ROKON parked here at Jackson,OH though.Did you know that you carry drinking water in their tires and there's other goodies I forgot about.They'll climb a 60%? grade,and Man,they're expensive!I'd love one of those to go Coon-huntin' with.

A Moped moment

Last summer I resurrected a Vespa Grande for a customer. This guy (the customer) was in a nursing home or assisted care type place. But he still enjoys riding his Grande around the parking lot. He's the one that told me about the Rokon. He is one cool dude.

He ask me to fix his moped but said he didn't have anyway to get it to me. I said, no problem I will come up pick you up and we will go get the ped. It was at his campground, been there for 7 years, outside. I literaly had to hack the moped out of the underbrush with a machete. Had to deal with a pissed off rattle snake in the process. Got the ped home, hosed it off to blast off all the critters. I lubed the cylinder wall and tried the engine and it turned. Cleaned the carb and tank. New plug, points and condensor and a thorough going over and it ran like a champ. That ole guy was like a kid with a shinny new bike.

He had that "Moped Smile", made it all worthwhile.

Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Man I haven't been "Coon-huntin" since I was about ten years old. Forgot all about how much fun that was. We used to go at night, running through the brush at night like a bunch of wild indians. Ah youth!

Re: A Moped moment

Way to go,Zippy!That poor `ol guy has a good friend in you!Fought off a rattlesnake!Whoa! THAT could ruin a moped resurrection attempt in a flash.I was bitten by a poisonous snake once.But he only got me beside the thumbnail with one fang and all it did was swell my thumb to twice it's size and made me pretty sick...............Here's one for Onfire4him:When that happened I had concrete coming and couldn't do the job.Guess what! My friend,an expert concrete finisher, shows up(Miles out in the country,15 mi. from his home) and HE pours the crete while I try to recover.Coincidence?But Zippy,I'm proud of you helpin' that 'ol guy live a happier life and showin' him he's still got friends.Kudos!

Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Hey Zippy...how current is your used moped section on your website? I am looking at that burgundy Maxi-Luxe.


Fordable Water Depth

brian away /

I wonder what the "Fordable Water Depth" on my Puch is.

Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Yeah,You never thought you'd EVER get old and weak like Granpa's coffee;and then...... WHAM! You look in the mirror and there's a 40+ yr.old lookin' back with that same thoughtful look.Heh!I was just joking about coon-huntin'.I haven't been for probably ten years or more.(:>)

Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Hi Tab

Not very current. It was a Chocolate Brown. It is sold. I need to update my site but been really busy building peds. Normally things drop off in the winter but the peds have been flying out the door. Mostly local folks around the SF Bay Area.

Sold the Puch Yellow Pinto to a young man in Ventura, CA.. I got in a real nice Puch Newport 2 speed and it went in one day.

I still have a very nice Puch Magnum that I have to swap out the engine. The tranny was frozen. Puch had a defective washer in the tranny at one time that was supposed to have a hole in it to allow lube to go through, but somebody put in solid ones. I think that is what happened to this one.

If I get any nice Puchs I'll let you know. I also have a couple of nice Vespa Bravos.

How's the LTD and your dawg?

Re: Fordable Water Depth





Re: Fordable Water Depth

Get a good run at the river before you try to ford it and wear a snorkel mask.

Re: 4 Wheel Drive bike

Still drivin' it. I am looking for another ped so a friend of mine can do the True Grits fun run in October. He had one just like that Maxi-Luxe...it would freak him out.

Re: 2 Wheel Drive bike

I saw a Rokon a while back. It was the yellow model that seems to be in all the pictures I've seen.

What I remember most about it was the huge sprockets, long chains, and small drive shafts with u-joints to transmit power.

There already is a two wheel drive bike: the Solex!

One long time owner reported that as a kid he got stuck in some mud at the bottom of a long hill. The front tire was spinning with no traction and starting to slide out. Instinctively he pedalled, which helped the bike get free and climb out of there.

He was so excited with his discovery he burned half a tank of fuel repeating his discovery that day.


Re: 2 Wheel Drive bike

i'm sure you're all kidding ... but just for the record ... water would get in your carb and do bad things to your engine. don't go through more than 6 inches of water.

Re: 2 Wheel Drive bike

Pretty neat,Jim! Never really thought about 2-wheel drive on a `ped.I guess on mud or snow that would be a help.

Re: 2 Wheel Drive bike


Re: Fordable Water Depth

Reeperette /

>>I wonder what the "Fordable Water Depth" on my Puch is.<<

Depends on how much water you wanna ford with it.

Drove a Tomos thru a deep puddle after a flood once and it came almost over the transmission casing (which meant the exhaust was submerged) but only for a second or so.


Re: 2 wheelin'


The other interesting thing that Solex owner found was that he could stop and stand on the pedal with the front wheel spinning in the mud.

The gyroscopic action kept him upright. When he wanted to go, he'd kick in the "rear wheel drive" and get out of there.


Re: 2 wheelin'

Man,Jim,I'm gona have to install a front drive motor now.Think of the power on hills guys!And in the snow I need that gyroscope to keep rubber side down.

Re: 2 motors?


It's been done.


Re: 2 motors?

Heh! Looks adequate,Jim.But you couldn't use them too easily,could you?Matching the speeds would be rough,wouldn't it?

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