moped starting problems..

I recently bought a junk moped for 27 bucks ('78 peugeot 103sp). Since two weeks ago, it seems to have come a long way. besides getting new brake controls, it seems all i need to do is get it started. I assumed i had the wiring hooked up wrong because i couldnt get spark, but i was able to solve that when i found the two wires that goto the kill switch. now, when i hook up a spark plug to the boot, i can see sparks while pedaling. I have gas (cleaned out the carburetor real good), i have air, i have spark, so now what? i cleaned the points real nice (went from 4.5ohm between the points to zero ohm) put dielectric grease on the spark plug seat and tip, made sure engine block ground was good.. the only things i can think of now would be either the condensor being bad (could i just replace this with a condensor from a car?) or the timing being way off. Is there any way on these things to change the timing without taking the magneto flywheel off (i dont have a flywheel puller..)? I had much less trouble getting my '72 beetle to start after it was sitting in a garage for 19 years without being run.. any suggestions? (btw, point gap is set at .016 in (about .406mm) and spark plug gap is at .020 in)

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