Wanna buy a Motobecain?

Bob Guinness /

Hey there,

I picked up a 1978 Motobecain moped in Edwardsville, Kansas today. The body is in great condition, with original paint. It needs a little work but everything is there except for the air filter ( normally the first thing taken off ) and the two engine cowls ( normally the first thing lost... ). What I want to know is this : Will anyone make it worth my while to sell it? Or do I just clean it up, get it going and give it to my Dad? Like I said, the bike is beautiful, just in need of a little twiddling to get it going ( like 99% of all mopeds for sale anyway )

Write to me at my e-mail if you are interested and make an offer. I will consider all reasonable bids.


Robert Maxwell Guinness


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