I have a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I also catch a bit of slack from those with bigger motorcycles about mine being the smallest one. (I am a short mom of 2 that is learning to ride, so this bike is perfect for me.) My question to you is, Where can you actually ride a moped if their engine is so small. My bike will do 105, and I catch slack...I saw somewhere on here someone talking about a moped doing 15mph. In my city, that is asking to get run over. So where can you ride one?? I am just curious.


Ride those damn bicyclists down!!!

I live in Davis, a bicycle town, basically every road has a bike path. Every person owns a bike. About 2/3 of the time, people take bikes around here instead of cars. You wouldn't believe the coolness factor of zipping by people on a moped, especially on the few hills we have here. Its very intimidating to them, even though I put pink streamers on my handlebars. I do this so the bicyclists will not fear me. Its not working. I may have to put streamers on my helmet.

RE: Ride those damn bicyclists down!!!

It's more your attitude than anything else, also riding in packs help... the average moped goes (according to our poll) about 30 -35 mph, traffic usually doesn't get much faster than that.


moped army

swarm and destroy

RE: Ride those damn bicyclists down!!!

about 30 -35 mph, traffic usually doesn't get much faster than that.

Guess it depends alot on locality. Around here traffic is usually going 75mph.

RE: Ride those damn bicyclists down!!!

Bob Guinness /

Your traffic through your downtown area is 75mph? That sounds pretty rough. How do you slow down to get into a parking space?

Anyway, Don't let anyone give you @!#$ for having a smaller bike. My main bike is a 1979 Vespa P200 E, with a 200cc engine. People look at it in disbelief when they see me riding it. Especially at 85mph down the highway. Just remember that you have to have the proper combination of style AND substance. I love the Italian look of my Vespa scooters. I also love my '81 Indian moped. Yeah, people laugh. But piss on them anyway. I'm a 200lb skinhead with a touch of the aggro, so they never do it to my face, get the picture? Fads come and go, but for some people love of the two wheelers is a passion, and that is all that counts. When people abandon their scooters and mopeds ( again ) people like us buy them up and hoard them until the ad industry decides to make them "cool" again. So keep on riding, that is all the matters!


Robert Maxwell Guinness

RE: Ride those damn bicyclists down!!!

Reeperette /

I never caught too much flak about it, myself....those few detractors who spoke such things at me got an offer...borrow my 'ped and go get me a pack of smokes from the gas station on Church St & Ritchie Hwy.

Not one of em who ever made that trip (it's a rough, nasty-traffic trip on a 'ped, too) ever spoke a word of disrespect about my wheels again.

And as for the four wheelers who like to crowd you, bump you, or run you into curbs ? I carry a four-foot length of 'battlechain' in my left side pocket, and sealed beam headlights are damned expensive...word gets around, and quickly.


RE: Ride those damn bicyclists down!!!

I've never had much problem on the road, but I live in a small city, where I can scoot around the residential streets with ease. I have had it on Main Street - 4 lanes of traffic, and people here tend to stay clear. I think they're amused and want a good look. I have the only moped in town! The worst I get is teasing when I drive it to work at the Rolling Mill. The Maintenance Dept thinks its funny, seeing as the other buyer (also female) rides a Honda 650. My son, an artist, wants to paint flames on my white helmet!!!

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