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Good!He deserves to have to pay back every cent with interest!

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

let me add my several cents ...

in reverse order ... to onfire and the still-arriving thief ... be careful and keep that moped safe. i think you're doing ok. but i wouldn't ask for ree for any advice on that ... he's serious when he says he's into that valhalla thing. i mean it! but ree's a totally ok guy in my book.

well ... i also love the forum and all it provides. a few things: we'll see if we can make the moped army bbq a multi-day event. but people have come up before and spent 1-2 nights. we will always make sure there's some place for people to stay and we'll show you around kzoo. so i hope lots of people come up this bbq. even if the best bbq is down south (as i'm sure it is).

what else ... oh, yes. the arguments. i love them, as ridiculous as that might sound. and being on line doesn't seem to alter anything. just last night simon and i got into a shouting match of sorts (we do that often) about the definition of art. well, other people were involved, too .... but simon and i were doing the brunt of the attacks. well, after about 40 mins, it turns out we agreed and were just using slightly different definitions of one or two key words. semantics, semantics, semantics.

anyhow ... i'm glad to have gotten to know all the people in this forum. i've learned so much (i've only been riding mopeds for about 1 1/2 years) and am glad if i could give even a bit of knowledge back to the moped community.

ride hard. ride often. swarm and destroy.

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

onfire4Him /

Well the Bible is the place where it says to turn the other cheek to the guy who hits you and to give your shirt to the guy who steals your coat...

It's pretty clear on loving your enemies and doing good to people who treat you like... well, bad.

I'm not sure what Jon had in mind to do to the guy... I know that he wanted to follow him but now we know where he lives so there's no point in that. Oh well. We could just keep chasing him away till he learns not to come anymore.

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

Miguel,every time you tell them to get an Italian stallion you are adding to the good of this forum.You are `dead on' brother!Keep it up,but don't argue with Simon.He's a good WebMaster!

Jon's moped

onfire4Him /

hmm... Jon's moped hasn't been running very well these days... it doesn't accelerate well at all... today he couldn't get up the 'mountain' and ended up having to walk the thing up. Just so happened that when we reached the top my throttle started giving me trouble again (this has been a common problem with Blinker) so we had to stop and do something about that before we got home. Jon's been working on the moped all evening mostly... he found out that one of his piston rings is broken. Looks like he'll be up for a while...


Reeperette /


Actually I'd have to say it's prolly closer to pyschosis than macho <snicker>

It's awful hard to be 'macho' when yer 5'6", 131lbs and about 25% metal/plastic/ceramic replacement parts...but pyschotic ? that one ya can shoot for.

Besides which, I do various un-macho kinda housework and dishes, since my roomies a femme exec who makes about triple what I do, I figure she's earned the right to a lil maid service since it's a 1/3-2/3 split on the bills.

I shop, sew and cook, too...and better me than her, I do not set the kitchen on fire (long story, that) and one can at least identify what it's supposed to be after I've cooked it.

While prone to certain barbarisms, heh heh, I've always been a big stickler for the equality of the sexes, and it's kinda hypocritical to hold such a position if ya can't do the same work on either side of the fence...which is where a lotta "macho" guys get self destructive.

As for "you don't look that small/short" - just goes to show you what a large, battered old army field jacket with pockets fulla junk and a confident(or hostile!) "presence" can do.

As fer knowin Tomos...well, some things you can learn from a manual, others you can only learn by doing, taking it apart, figuring it out, repairing it, putting it back together...and when you ain't got the money to pay someone else to fix either figure it out, or you don't ride.

If necessity is the mother of invention, desperation is surely the father.



Jon is busy tracking down the theif, trying to get his lights back because the guy took them off. It's pretty funny listening to Jon talk on the phone with the father of the guy who stole the moped...

It's really interesting how everything's worked out...

And you know what? The guy who stole it still comes back everynight to see if we left it unlocked again. We hooked up an alarm in the back yard, though... so that if anyone tries to get in it will wake us up. And we have faithfully been locking the mopeds. ;P<<

OnFire ? Two words.



If ill behavior is never met with consquence - it will continue.

Re: Perception

I don't know,Ree.Onfire MAY just throw the rock salt at him.She's pretty easy-going.Onfire,you shoot that out of your shotgun shell after emptying the lead out,and then swab your gun barrel down with Hoppe's #9.Just pretend you're Jesus runnin' the thieving bad guys out of the temple! Good post,Ree!My step-boy once loaded my nice over-under shotgun with rock salt-laden shells to run off a big stray dog.Heck,Linda didn't know it would hurt the barrels,and he wasn't the thinking kind.So he shot the dog,it learned not to come in our yard,and he promptly put the gun back in the corner with his salt-stained hands and the barrel un swabbed.A few weeks passed,and I looked down the bores of the shotgun,my nearly new over-under,and I saw pitting like moon craters in there!That'll tax your patience!

Re: Perception

There is a difference between turning the other cheek, and taking care of a theif. Doesn't the "great book" say, "Thou shalt not steal". It's one of those 10 big ole commandments isn't it? You would be doing God a favor if you kicked this guys ass. Look what God did to those people in the Sadam and Gamora story(I probably spelled that wrong). He killed them all for being different! You would just be kicking one guys ass! You will never make it in this world, if you let people walk all over you. God or no God.

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

Just tell god your sorry for kicking there ass he will forgive you.

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

This is true Walker.

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

to be fair ... jesus was never a full out pacifist. i don't think he could have been. god certainly isn't. remember when jesus kicked the money changers out of the temple? he used a whip to do that ... i'd consider that righteous indignation ... some might call it assault.

also ... the turn the other cheek was not meant as a purely pacific gesture. in middle eastern society (esp back then), you only used your right hand in public. so you could strike a person on the face one of two ways: using the palm, or using the back of the hand. using the back of the hand was insulting, it made the other person your inferior. so ... when jesus told people to "turn the other cheek" he literaly meant to force the agressor to strike them w/ the palm of their hands. (try it in a two person demo, see that it's impossible to strike person w/ the back of your right hand across their left cheek.) so it was a passive-aggressive response, to be sure.

also ... jesus wasn't opposed to hanging out w/ people who used violence. the sons of zebede were known zealot partisans (the sons of thunder, as they were also called in the bible was a known extremist society of the zealot jewish resistance.) also simon the zealot. also judas iscariot. know someone who was an iscarii (or iscariot) was a "dagger man" (i.e. an assasin). now, that term could be used to describe judas because he betrayed jesus in the end. but ... another faction of the zealot jewish resistance were the iscarii, who were known to assasinate roman officials. also at least three of jesus' disciplies were known to carry swords (they were even presented cermoniously at the last supper, at which point jesus said "that will be enough"). also, after simon struck the ear of the high priest's servant, jesus said "now is not the time" (not "don't ever do that again").

i would like to be a pacifist, but i don't think god/jesus is/are in the absolute sense. there is a time for punishment and even self-defense (while still upholding the essential dignity of the other person). after all ... we have the history of jericho, gideon, david (a "man after god's heart", and a warrior king), the maccabees, etc., etc.

bottom line: don't assault a teen who stole your moped. not only is it illegal, it's also downright unethical and uncool.

however ... keep in mind that jesus said blessed are the meek (the poor, oppressed), not the weak. and blessed are the peaceMAKERS, not the pacifist doormats.

i'm sure i've stirred up another hornet's nest ... but c'est la vie, non?

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

Miguel,does that `don't assault him mean she can't use `rock a-salt'?Sorry,all,I couldn't hold my corny mind back that time.(:>)

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

Yeah, What HE said!

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

yes, don't through rock salt at little kids.

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

you coul also hit them with a battery. Then it would " a salt and ....

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

I think Ree meant to throw it at about 600 mph,Miguel! LOL!!

Re: Various Long Winded Ramblings

Zippy,you're almost as corny as me.LOL!!


Reeperette /

>>bottom line: don't assault a teen who stole your moped. not only is it illegal, it's also downright unethical and uncool.<<

So is stealing folks mopeds, but society doesn't seem to give a fuck about that, now does it ?

There's no way I can respect a society in which you can defend yourself from harm and/or robbery and not only face charges for it, but also a potentive civil suit from the person who was trying to rob and/or harm.

I cannot abide the old "give them what they want" philosophy, never could, and never will - ask yourself how many convenience store clerks followed the stores policy of cooperation, only to be killed out of is a policy that makes for easy victims.

And as for the police, when they get done laughing at you, will not even consider bothering in most cities...the only reason they ever find stolen mopeds at all most of the time is their propensity to harrass moped riders, which includes checking the VIN number - it's not altruism as much as most cops just enjoy hassling people, it's a power/ego thing.

The only practical solution is to ensure real, and painful consequences for those who would harm you or steal your property and do so in such a way that there is little or no evidence that you did so, I know that sounds pretty grim, having to circumvent the very laws supposed to protect you, but reality isn't often pleasant.

Case Example - You have a car alarm, the local punks want your car.

Every night they come rock your car and set the alarm off till the neighbors complain and you are threatened with a fine...but no one even considers YOUR side in protecting your's not their property and they do not care.

So, following the law, you shut off the alarm - and they steal your car.

Who wins ?

I refuse to be a victim, and when the law demands that I be - the law can kiss mah ass.


Re: What?!

&lt;applause&gt; right on, ree! &lt;/applause&gt;

Northern Georgia?

Did you do the True Grits 50cc fun run in Suches this year?

Re: Northern Georgia?

hey, i refuse to be a victim, too. but retaliation all depends. against an adult, fine. i'm 26, so i end up fighting an adult in a fair fight, no problem. but if i fight a 12-yr old i'm in deep trouble. after all, i should be able to use enough force against a child to restraim him/her w/o having to "kick his ass".

we moped army kzoo kids have a strict policy of not touching kids. we'll chase them down and surround them while we call cops on cell phones and hand them over. but we don't touch them.

i think it's all just about context and knowing what to do. i'll defend my own. but i'll do it in a way that doesn't make things worse (esp. for me!).

Re: What?!

Damn Ree, Don't sugar coat it man, tell it like it is!

Re: Northern Georgia?

What ! ? No, I'm new to mopeds. But I'm close enough to Suches to ride there! Pleeeeeze tell me more!

Re: Northern Georgia?

I still favor the rock salt burning their little behinds for a few days.Out here in the country,Miguel,the Sheriff would authorize that with a wink,I'm sure.But a shotgun blast in the town is another story.Brings to mind this event:... One night out in the country my sister-in law,who lived about 200 yds.down my lane called me and said: `Someone's banging on my door here and I'm scared.'Now that brought the anger up to my nostrils!I jumped in my work truck(loud)and took the shotgun with me.There was only one way those guys could've run and I headed the truck that direction.About 200 yds from anything that they could hide behind,I let that scattergun roar!It was only loaded with small 6's or 7and 1/2's .Then I went back to her house and called her to the door.I handed her the shotgun and VERY LOUDLY I said,"If they come back here,you know how to use this!"She never had one more ounce of trouble out of those guys again.We are pretty sure it was the new neighbors who had just moved in down the road because my teenage boys said they were wild and mean on the school bus.I'm with Ree.Put the fear and trepidation in those ornery kids BEFORE they graduate to something worse,like assaulting a woman all alone in the country!

Re: Northern Georgia?

I definately wouldn't kick a little kids ass, but I would scare the shit out of him for sure!

Re: Northern Georgia?

Yeah....see --->

for some pictures. It's held the last Sunday in every October.

Re: Northern Georgia?

See that for a picture of me and my Puch Magnum at True Grits...

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