Puch Maxi Speed Kit?

I will be buying a 1978 Puch Maxi MK3 from a friend of mine soon. He simply doesn't have the time or motivation to deal with it anymore.

I love tinkering with stuff so i thought I'd take it off his hands. I was just wondering if anyone put a speed kit on a Puch before? If so, would you reccomend the 60cc or 70cc kit? I've read about them on Tomos, but no Puch...I'm pretty handy with this kind of stuff, since i've been working on cars and motorcycles for years, so I don't think it will be that hard.

Thanks in advance


RE: Puch Maxi Speed Kit?

check out www.themopedjunkyard.com or www.mopedworld.com

they both have kits for puches

RE: Puch Maxi Speed Kit?

We also have Puch 60 and 70CC kits for Puchs. Stop by http://www.puch.net for more info and pricing.



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