Purple lights

Hello guys and gals, I was surfing around the M/C and Moped shops and saw this item, I thought I saved the page but guess not.... Its a small piece, you drill a hole in your tailight lens in front of the bulb and insert this part and it gives off a purple/blue haze, I think its cool.... cost was $1 each (cheap too) Anyone have a clue what I`m talking about? or know where to purchase? My wife is on my butt! Thanks.. Doug D. Roanoke, VA.

Re: Purple lights

Purple haazzzze awl in mah brayne...latelah thangsss they don' seem tha saaame.......

Re: They're called Blue Dots

They were popular as a custom item in the 50's. However check local laws as some states prohibit non-emergency and police vehicles from using other than white, amber and red lights.

But they really do give off a cool purple glow when you hit the brakes.


Re: Purple lights

gimmy hendrix /

actin funny but i don't know whyyyyyy.......scuse me while i kiss the skyyyyyyy

Re: Got IT..Purple lights

www.dennis-carpenter.com it is on page 151 in the catalog but they are 6.50 they supply cushman parts and ford parts but its in the cushman catalog... they are legal in NC

Re: Purple lights

Ron Brown /


I think I have seen these in J C Whitney catalog and I would bet that most Harley shops have them as they are popular with Harley riders.

Don't go on your ped to buy it. : )


Re: Purple lights

Hey Ron, think the harley guys would throw garbage cans at me? Ha! Back when I road the big boys I allways kept some rice to sprinkle under the rice-burners, was cool at the time.... Thanks Guys, wish I could find the site again... for $1 Ha! Doug D

Re: Purple lights

Thanks! J C Whitney $2.99 + $8 s/h The Harley Shop is only 1 mile away, they just built a building and now adding an addition 2 times its origenal size. Doug D.

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