Indian mopeds

Indian Demon evan /

I dont know if i am wrong but i have an indian moped and i am looking for two side plastic engine covers but as far as I know any trace of them has vanished does anyone kno otherwise

RE: Indian mopeds

A moped imported from India with plastic sidecovers ... a honda Cub? (I know it's a japanese bike, but it was best sold in India)

If it's a Cub you're out of luck, Honda stopped making them 15 years ago. There are immitation covers available (Made in Ta

RE: Indian mopeds

The Moped WareHouse of New Jersey has those hard to find indian 4 stroke original equiptment side covers in stock bot new and used.


indian moped? me thinking indian no having moped,

they having horse? i knows because Me neva see-ing Jon Wayne fighting indian on moped. horse betta/it running fasta.

mr . h your weird


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