new scoots some new italian bikes (made in japan)

Re: new scoots

these things are already old here..... not very 'hyper sport scoots', they look like cows

Re: where are you?

Im in the USA and none of those bikes except the silverwing are even going to come here, so there not old by any means......Rog

Re: where are you?

they're driving around here (not very much though...) in Holland/Netherlands

Re: where are you?



Re: where are you?



180 cc Gilera Runner... tuned!



Re: where are you?

well that explains some things ,the Netherlands,, we dont have big scooters here in america not yet anyway, welcome to the forum.......Rog

Re: where are you?


right on.. tell marcel at casey from the states (i ordered a proma exhaust for a honda camino and emailed back and forth with him about 300 times) said "hello".. man, that guy is too nice! i have been sending people to him left and right since then!

no one really rides mopeds there? weird...

good to have ya aboard.



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