Uh-oh , what did I get myself into ?

Uh-oh I just bidded on a moped related item for the first time on Ebay.....and won it

I never bidded on Ebay mopeds before because they always seem to be from another state and shipping is a hassle.... but this auction was in my own county in NJ, so what the heck, right ?

Seems like I've won a 1988 Tomos Targa tanktop for $ 130 bucks... picture looks like everything's there except a carberator.... Are these a decent moped ?

wow, wait 'till the old lady finds out I got another bike... I already got one sitting in the kitchen now.

Well, I'll just have to wait and see the bike in person to tell if it's fixable or if the motor's blowed up or whatever......if it's unfixable at least I'll have some Tomos Targa parts available for anyone who needs them... ha

wish me luck !


Re: Uh-oh , what did I get myself into ?

InfectedBootSector /

Cool deal man..wish that stuff was close to me....

Re: Uh-oh , what did I get myself into ?

It looks way better than the piece of crap PUCH I bought for 20 bucks. good luck man,

what did I get myself into (Tomos)

nice bike--- cant lose at that price.

Re: what did I get myself into (Tomos)

Jimmy! All Tomos are fixable.Just drive it 600 mi. to Ree's house! Boy! That loooks like it's about all there! ANOTHER SWEET TOP-TANK!!

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