New sprocket

I am thinking about putting a new front sprocket on my moped to increase top speed. If anyone has done this before, what kind of results did you get? How big of a sprocket can I use before there is not enough torque to get the moped moving?

RE: New sprocket

I have a huge sprocket on the front, so it makes my takeoff horrible... but let me tell you, the top end is crazy.. what kind of ped?


RE: New sprocket

DAN, Lets be only want to jump about 2 teeth, or you lug your engine , causing overheating, stress and strain on the whole bike, if its the speed (rush)you`r looking for, maybe trade around for one that is built to take it.....

RE: New sprocket

Its a 1977 Solo Odyssey

RE: New sprocket

If your moped can handle an age of 23 years, it can handle a little more speed. You shouldn't supersize the front sprocket, about 2 more teeth will do it. The problem of enlarging the front sprocket is the torque, not especially the takeoff, but the top speed. You might not have enough torque to reach the speeds you're hoping to reach, in fact, you could even lose speed. You should only enlarge the front sprocket if you have plenty of accelleration.

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