Puch Teardown Tips.. any thoughts?

InfectedBootSector /

Hey guys... me again...

I think I am going to tear down the Puch here in a few weeks... I want to get it repainted and such.... any tips on anything I should do? I know to lable and sketch out everything I am not familiar with....

Any color Suggestions?

I'm thinking black... it is the ugly ass Puch Maroon right now... nasty stuff....

I'm probably going to have the whole frame sand blasted before I do the paint job...

Re: Puch Teardown Tips.. any thoughts?

Check if anyone in your area does powder coating. I had a quote out here in the San Francisco bay area where everything is sky high it was only $150 to sand blast and powder coat the parts (frame, fenders, fork). You might look at some of the new car colors like VW, Audi, etc.

I think you can also get different colored side covers from the mopedwarehouse. I think they have some Puch decals too.

Another option but more expensive is the paint that changes color based on the angle and light. Expensive stuff.

How about some flames? I have a white Puch Korado my son put flames decals on the side covers near the engine and it looks pretty cool. Must add at least 5-10 mph to the top end. :)

Re: Puch Teardown Tips.. any thoughts?

I took apart my maxi completely to repaint it. Completely restored now :). Anyways, note how the front fork goes together, everything is real simple, it was the first time i worked with a moped. It was given to me and i dissasembled it. Note the wire harness positions and the cable routing. Took me 2 hours contiuous to put it back togehter. What a long day it was...

Re: Puch Teardown Tips.. any thoughts?

Mike (MA) /


I did this to my motorcycle. The 2cents I have: if you're painting it yourself, get a respirator. I did alot of painting w/o one, ended up w/ white nostril hairs (primer colored), and a sinus infection. I inhaled tons of paint. Besides the sinus infection, it's probably just plain bad to have those chemicals in the body. So don't come back to us as InfectedSinusCavity, ok? Good luck.


PS: use seperate jars/tin-cans/boxes to keep screws/parts catagorized.

Re: Puch Teardown Tips.. any thoughts?

InfectedBootSector /

You go to MIT? Cool... I would love to go there...

Thanks for the tips!

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