Italian instructions-Waaahh!!

Okay.Chris S said he wouldn't mind helping translate so I just painstakingly typed out my Polini bore kit instructions and sent them to him.Just wanted to thank him for helping publicly on this forum.Maybe if I could figure out a hundred or so words like `Assieme' and `leggermente', `bloccando' and `anellini' it would have been a `cakewalk'.Nah! It would still have been an exercise in futility for me.Took me about 40 minutes to type about 200 Italian words.Hope you don't get brain-cramp Chris.Sheesh!Well,I'm outta here `til tonight.See ya' later!

Re: Italian instructions-Waaahh!!

gimmyjimmy /



If you need a quick translation in the future try this:

it might not help with tech translation, I don't know, but what the hey, give it a try.

Could also try babelfish.

Reeperette /

That's another free net-based translator, but damned if I remember exactly where it is - I think alta-vista.


Re: Could also try babelfish.

OK, fellas, here's my thoughts...The online translators are a great service, but they don't handle all of the technical vocabulary, colloquialisms, and subtleties of syntax that we all use in our everyday language very well. I'll translate Don's instructions for him, and then will post them to the forum. Perhaps Simon will see fit to include them as an article. If anyone else has materials from Polini, Malossi, Pinasco, or the others, I'll try to help when time allows.

Chris S

Here's a quick translation

Original Polini Instructions:

Il gruppo viene consegnato completo di cilindro, pistone,

e guarnizioni, e si monta sui modelli lamellari avendo

aspirazione sul carter motore. Si raccomanda di lavare

accuratamente il cilindro con benzina, soffiare con un

getto d'aria, oliare leggermente la canna, montare il

pistone controllando che gli anellini dello spinotto

entrino perfettamente nella loro sede e non abbiano

gioco, montare cilindro e testa, bloccando i dadi in

modo uniforme. Per i vecchi modelli con scatola filtro

piccola si consiglia di montare un nuovo coperchio

filtro Art.Dellorto 10.276 con tubetti 9X40 o 10X40

oppure modificare l'originale se i tubetti sono

piccoli, praticando un foro uguale vicino ai due gia

esistenti. Anticipo mm. 1,7 misurati sul pistone,

corrispondenti a 23 degrees. Candela: Champion N3C Per

il rodaggio attenersi scrupolosamente al tagliando di

garanzia. Assieme a tutto il Kit consigliamo di

montare la nostra marmitta ad espansione silenziata

Cod. 200.0016 o cod. 200.0044 Si raccomanda di usare

esclusivamente prodotti e ricambi originali Polini

Motori e di seguire accuratamente le istruzioni sopra

indicate per una resa e una lunga durata del vostro


My Translation:

The kit comes complete with cylinder, piston, and gaskets, and is mounted on engines with "carter" air/fuel intake (reed valve). It is recommended that you clean the cylinder thoroughly with Gasoline, followed by a blast of compressed air, taking care near the reed valve. When mounting the piston, carefully insert the wrist pin circlips so that they lock in their slots and have no play. When mounting the cylinder and head, tighten the nuts in a uniform way (use the star/diagonal method). For older models with a small airbox, one is advised to install a new filter cover (Delorto model 10.276 with 9x40 or 10x40 intake tubes), or one can modify the original if the the tubes are too small by creating a new hole of equal size to and near the existing ones.

Timing advance: 1.7 mm measured from the piston, corresponding to 23 degrees btdc.

Recommended Spark Plug: Champion N3C

For the "rodaggio," we recommend that you adhere rigidly to the conditions of the guarantee. (This is the only sentence that confused me. I don't know the word "rodaggio.")

Together with this kit, we recommend installing our expansion chamber exhaust and silencer (product code 200.0016 or 200.0044).

One is recommended to use exclusively Polini Motors products and OEM replacements and to follow accurately the above instructions to assure the long life of your engine.


Hey,GimmyJimmy! There's no reactor here, just automated switches and gizmos to mind,along with many chemicals that I must not let out of their tanks and pipes.So don't worry.Thanks for the suggestions guys.I tried that freetranslation place but like Chris said it would not handle the technical part very well.E.g.: It translated `play' as in bearing play,as `GAME'.Try figuring that out when you're reading merrily along.DUH!! Chris,you hit that dead on the money,I think.Like when I translated that crazy word into `bearings'.You are surely right that it is `circlips'.I REALLY thank you for this help Chris.Do you speak Italian or just have a great source of info.?NOW,I get off for 4 days and after I go to Handy Bikes to get the wrist pin needle bearings,I may be able to start on this project.Thanks,guys!

Re: Thanks,Everybody!

I speak Italian. By the way, "rodaggio" means "running-in." So that one sentence refers to careful break-in period.

Chris S

Two additions...

"rodaggio" means "running-in"...therefore the last part refers to a careful break-in.

I just looked back at it and noticed that it says to lightly oil the reed valve. I seem to have left that out before. It doesn't say what to use, however.

Chris S

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