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I own a Jawa 210 and Jawa X-??(X series), got them both for $25.00. The 210 is around a 1995 and the x-?? is an 1981. Also on the 210, above the headlight it say's "adidas" the shoe company I dunno if some one put it on or it was put on from the dealership or something?? (it looks too stright for anyone to have put it on, but it is a sticker) What is the differance between a 210 and a x series?? Also one more thing where could i look for parts?? anything you know or advice would be helpful!!



RE: Jawa 210 moped

I don't know much about jawas but I think that somebody probably put that sticker on. You can probably get parts from all the moped shops with websites, such as the mopedjunkyard.com, mopedwarehouse.com, steve's etc.

RE: Jawa 210 moped


I found out that the 210 is a 1994, the last year for the Jawa 210. The jawa brand lasted only one more year. any advice or anything will do!


RE: Jawa 210 moped

i have a 87 jawa 210 and don't have much problems other a small gas leak under the bowl (sometimes) and twice since driving it it has climbed past the usual 35km to 45km but i would have to stop or turn and never get it back up again? Anyways if you find an easy way to get parts other than the german site mz-b let me know i also wish i had a manual too-. ride free

RE: Jawa 210 moped

bonjour .

je ma appelle ZIED MHAMDIE .

j'habite a TUNIS .

depuis 4 mois j'ai acheter une motocycles de tupes JAWA (TYPE 210)

49 cm3 . petite taille .

a une vitesse MAX [60K/h] date de fabrication c'est 1992.

le probl

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