Bearings, please help i need some!!!

I need some bearings, i have heard of a company called INA, it german and coz i am in England i havent a clue whether its for real or not.I need help my bearings are shot they feel so rough.

RE: Bearings, please help i need some!!!

which bearings for which moped?...... I live in the US.... so things may be different where you live.... but here all you do for normal bearings is look in the phone book under 'bearings' and call them up..... but they need to have the number off the bearing, so you have to remove them first and read the number off them.... The new bearings don't have to come from Germany.... they can come from any country as long as the code numbers on them are the same..... here the Japanese bearings are the cheapest.

RE: Bearings, please help i need some!!!

No i need some sweet puka ones that arent going to fail me 18000rpm like the others did.I need some strong beefy ones that can handle this sort of stress, the bearings are for my ar50, i have lightened the crank and bought a super expensive piston cnc machined jobby so now it revs past the red line and hangs at the bottom of the speed for the one day it was running in was bout 70+mph and that was holding back and it will go faster i still have alot i want to do to it.I need light bearings (big and small end) and decent main crankshaft bearings.If anyone can help i would be most grateful as i cant bare to see my bike without the engine in it.

And before anyone asks i am an engineering student aged 17, that how i achieved half of this.And 0 to 60mph comes in at about 20secs.I havent finished gearing it and have an 80cc 6 speed gearbox stripped and waiting for the bearings.All i need is YOU to help.I am expecting the bike to have about 5/6 bhp.And theres more.I am trying to find someone to build me an exhaust becoz micron raceing jobbies arent much cop.i still need someone to sort out porting and intake.I wish i could do it all tomorrow.But hey its a cool bike and fun to fall off it as well when you do 40mph round a roundabout with your knee down, screaming blue murder.

RE: Bearings, please help i need some!!!

.... this is a Kawasaki AR50 right?.... then call your nearest Kawi dealer (kawasaki parts are high quality) for the bearings... if your rod bearings went bad, then the rod and crankpin might be bad too... you have to have somebody press the crank apart to find out......... If you are an engineering student... I have a website that you might like...its called MacDizzy....its here... .....that site has information on how to calculate cylinder porting and how to calculate exhaust pipe dimensions for high performance 2-stroke engines... once you have the dimensions you could find a sheetmetal shop to build the pipe to your dimensions.... the information is complicated....but you should find it interesting even if you don't do the calculations.

RE: Bearings, please help i need some!!!

Excellant cheers for that site i look forward to searching through it, the kawasaki dealership are about as helpful as a chocolate tea pots. They disregard me as though i am a young boy racer, errrrrrrrrrr well i am but i am not reckless i stay to speed limits and never endanger my life or anyone elses. I am still looking for bearings that outpace the oe kawasaki parts. I think i might try stan stephans and see what he can do for me. If you do not live in the uk Stan Stephans is the sweetest two stroke tuner, but he is also shite expensive, somethink like 30+ pound an hour.Fair dinkem though.Anyway speak soon.Pete.

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