A few problems

Hey, I was pulled over for the first time on my moped due to the failure of the headlights not working..... I didn't get a ticket or anything but I need my lights!

Now, the problem is, that sometimes the light will go on, sometimes it wont. (including brake lights) This is a Puch Maxi '78. There are 3 positions on the light Switch.....it goes like this




So I know the bulb isn't bad, because SOMETIMES it works!

Also, I have another problem, that when I try to idle, it will die out.....

Thanks a lot for your time

RE: A few problems

Shane Wolfe /

Sounds like an electrical problem to me. Try having your ignition system looked at. You may need a new coil.

RE: A few problems

It's more likely to be a bad electrical connection thatis not transmitting electricity all the time.... You need to take all the electrical connections apart one at a time and carefully clean, scrape or sand them and then put a dab of di-electric grease on them and put them back together....see if that doesn't fix them.

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