peugeot 103 SP wiring

Just got back from the garage trying to map out the wiring of my bike.. most of it makes sense but i'm somewhat confused when it comes to the brakelights. There's a spst switch with the cover missing (so i dont know what it does) and from what it looks like, it connects a ground to a ground...but that doesnt make any sense. what other switches might there be besides a headlight/horn switch on the handles? a kill switch perhaps? it also seems as if ground isnt the negative terminal of the battery but something this true? One last thing, right above the rear wheel and below the seat is a little coil with a white wire sticking out. It's not currently connected to anything and the only wire i have that could connect is a wire i was assuming went to the positive terminal of the battery (a white wire). I assume the other end of the coil connects to ground. what on earth could this be? ANY help or comments would be appreciated... thnx.

Re: peugeot 103 SP wiring

Dear Michael, I also have a Peugeot 103sp 1977 a very beautiful machine! Anyway I can't help you directly on the wireing, the engine yes but I am not to good with the wires, I try to avoid them if at all possible. I do know though my moped/motorbike pretty well and you seem to be new to the Peugeot so I would not mind answering your questions as to what is what on a Peugeot 103, I mean you can compare or contrast with my bike if you would like? I love Peugeot's!

Re: peugeot 103 SP wiring

ok, i know nothing about peugeot ... but most mopeds i know (that are fully wired) have two switches: kill/run ... and lights/horn. the lights have "low" and "high" and a separate horn button. hope that helps.

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