chassis building

Captain Gorgeous /

i want to build a chassis

i was thinking about bending steel (or some other metal) tubing

like they did when harley designed the vrod

if thats too much

welding will even do

i was wondering if it would matter whether or not the shape of the chassis matters

you know, torsional stresses and all

but im thinking that a moped engine wont make enough power to torque the chassis

i think all i have to worry about is what i want the chassis to look like

what do you think

i want to hear

Re: chassis building

I agree. I guess the only thing you have to worry about is the weight.

Re: chassis building

Jusy my uneducated, no-engineer-degree-havin' opinion, but I think you're right about not worrying too much about torque stress from the engine. I do think you'll have to consider centrifugal (centripedal?) forces, going around curves, and how it relates to the weight of the rider. If you do pull this off though, I hope you'll post pictures!

Re: chassis building

build it in the shape of a pretzel

strong.very strong

Re: chassis building


Re: chassis building

Ron Brown /

I think if you mate a ped with a Buick the result is usually a pretzel shaped ped. Strong, but lousy handling. Wayne should know. : )


Re: chassis building

Where IS Wayne,anyway? He's usually stirring up something or posting macabre make us happy we're alive.I'll bet wherever he is,he's got tools in his hand or he's pickin' out some gadget to install on his latest Tomos.OH !! I heard that area was gonna get slammed with heavy snow today.He's probably drillin' spikes into his tires or rigging `all-wheel drive' or somethin'.GO,Wayne,GO !!

Re: chassis building

Captain Gorgeous /

thanks for your thoughts

id like to hear more if any of you have anything to say

i got the idea of doing this from some scootering magazine

it had this moped some guy made in england or something called the 'gladiator'

he said he got the idea from the movie and painted his moped with the theme from the movie

its basically a harley fork, metal tubing, and an engine, with a really low CG b/c he put the engine/tranny so close to the ground

Re: chassis building

problemaddict /

Here's a great site with tons of chassis building info and a mailing list for motorcycle chassis building. Also alot of great pix of old 50cc racing bikes and trials bikes and ... lots of drool inducing stuff...

I think some critical things to worry about would be swingarm length, and the angle of the fork will have some dramatic effects on steering/turning. The eurospares guy uses round tubing welded up to build his frames, but i think 1/2" or 1" square tubing would be fine and easier to work with. Also look for what they call "Spine Frame" designs. They look the easiest to build. Just a big tube going straight from the fork pivot, down towards the swingarm pivot, w/ a place to mount the engine...

Check it out. and GOOD LUCK! I'm dreaming the same things, but i've got WAY too many projects to think about desiging and building my own frame....

Mike K.

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