NC street legal

Finally dug the site out of do NOT need license,registration,insurance, or inspection (you poor Jersey people),, the only requirements are that the moped (wonder if a goped qualifies?) not have an external shifting device and that it not exceed 20mph and that you wear an approved helmet..... it doesnt even mention lights although I suspect that is a given, I saw where Mosquito is trying to create a lighting system for their gopeds,, they have one now but it is not self-contained it is battery operated,I'm sure I could rig up an extra bulb for the brake light and wire in a micro switch to activate it. Not that I actually have said goped (Mosquito Tiger),but I plan on getting one with ye ole tax check,,,wonder if I rigged up a 12 volt bulb system and splice a wire off the ignition coil to charge the battery that the lights would run off of.. that should work if the battery doesnt drain too fast with head and tail lights ...hmmmmmmmm?

Re: NC street legal

walmart has a helmet with a headlight and taillight built in.its in the bicycle department

Re: NC street legal

I don't get it Rog... Why would you want a goped which needs extra equipment... when a moped is already an easy ride as far as regulations ?

You already have a ped right ?

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