Used Tomos Value Questions

An ad in the local paper has a Mid-80s model Tomos...non-running...for $95. I called the guy to get more info but apparently he ended up with it and has no knowledge or interest in it. He says someone came by to look at it but that the "other clutch lever doesn't work". I'm assuming he means the compression release? At any rate the person who looked at it said that there was no way he could tell what shape the engine was in. The guy says other than that it is complete, although he thinks it's "kinda funny lookin' cause it looks like it should have a faring or something on the front.

My question is for all you folks with parts/project bikes. Does this sound like something worth fooling with?

I'm new to mopeds and have a Garelli. I know NOTHING about Tomos. Are any parts interchangeable? Or could it be something fixable? What about parts availability? Comments are welcome!

Re: Used Tomos Value Questions

yeah. I would buy a complete ped for 100 bucks, as long as the engine turns over and it has a spark. Go for it!


Re: Used Tomos Value Questions

hell if its all there its worth 95 bucks

Re: Used Tomos Value Questions

Hey, I would buy if it`s not a rust bucket, if you do, and need parts, I have some engine, ect. left over and will treat you wright. Doug D.

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