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You can't actually be a member of the "Moped Army" no matter what you ride. To be a Moped Army member, there must be an established branch in your area that will accept you as a member, or you have to start your own branch. Neither is easy. And to do either one, you would have to have a moped with pedals. But don't worry about it. Very few members of this forum are members of the Moped Army. You can tell which ones are by the symbols by their name, which indicate which branch they belong to. You can go to the top of the page, click on members, and get a list of all the branches, and the members that belong to them. I own a motorcycle, 2 mopeds, and a scooter. Some people on here don't like scooters, I obviously don't have a problem with them, as long as people don't call them mopeds. My scooter is a Yamaha Zuma, a fairly modern style of scooter. It is good transportation, and is faster than a moped. But to me, there is something special about mopeds. The very first motorized 2 wheelers were mopeds, and they have survived right up until the present day. I consider myself something of a purist where mopeds are concerned. Like most other members of this forum, I have other types of vehicles, and even belong to a couple of other forums for those vehicles. You can be a member of this forum without owning a pedal moped, but you might want to consider getting one sometime, it's a whole different experience than anything else, and makes you a member of an elite group of moped owners and riders. Motorcycles and scooters are everywhere, but real mopeds are few and far between. Welcome aboard. Peace. Jerry.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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