Bi-Turbo Exhaust

Hey, I have a 1980 Honda Express ped. I want to put a bi-turbo exhaust on it, but i know it wont fit properly. I need some advice on what the best way of installing it would be. I was told to cut off the main tube of my old muffler, and weld it to the end of the bi-turbo, but i didnt know if it would work right. Can someone please help?? My moped pic is posted above.


Re: Bi-Turbo Exhaust

Your muffler bolts under the engine, the bi-turbo, I think, mounts on the front of the engine-- that may be tough

Re: Bi-Turbo Exhaust

Brian, you don't want a bi turbo, trust me. Go to, click on english. They sell a few different performance exhausts for honda mopeds. Talk to Casey, he got one there for his PA 50. It crushes a bi turbo!


Re: Bi-Turbo Exhaust

Promo makes one identical to the bi-turbo but you need to make your own rear bracket, costs $55 at this is a new site and is not complete, just e-mail for details.

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