I went to court yesterday and chose the verdict of guilty (DWI) and then postponed sentencing until later in the month A .. so I could keep my license for another month and B.. because the judge was an ASS , and he would of given me the hardest punishment...oh the reality thing on peds... I happen to like my electric start scooter,, If I had known more about peds I might have opted to spend half as much and get one of them and soup it up alittle, but hindsight you know...... the Burlington police caught a guy going 45 up hill on a moped and he got a ticket..I'd like to have one like that... It may have been the legendary guy with a honda 50 ,4speed tucked under his tomos..... and If anybody is keeping up I'm still dry.. anyway thats my 2 cents Rog Hey where is Don-Ohio??

Re: Guilty

InfectedBootSector /

Hey man....

Good luck and keep it up... you'll do fine....

Re: Guilty

Is this your 1st dwi? WIll you be seeing bubba soon?

Re: Guilty

Ron Brown /


Don is in Florida, pedding around.


Re: Guilty

Man that sucks! Drinking and driving never pays.

Re: Guilty

Unless your a designated driver.. you can make some money off drunk bastards


yeah Dons down here (florida) mopeding around on vaction. It's been nice the ast few days... 70's not a rain cloud in the sky.

I've been leasur'peddin all week.

I wonder if it is nice enough anywhere else to ride yet?

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