Proma exaust for a Dax

I want to now if anyone out there have tryed a proma exaust on a dax. If you want a pic of it i can mail it to u.

RE: Proma exaust for a Dax

I've never heard of Proma exhausts, but I can recommend the original Honda exhaust, all of the Kitaco exhausts, Takegawa exhausts and Sebring exhausts. Because you have a fourstroke moped the shape of the exhaust has little or no effect on the performance of your bike, the type of mufflers in the exhaust do have a slight effect. If you want a different exhaust because you want to go faster you're going about it the wrong way, the very best exhaust will cost you $300 and only give a minor improvement on performance. What you need is a larger carburettor, a race-camshaft and you need to get rid of the retarding-mechanism on the flywheel.

I can recommend the 19mm Keihin carburettor (about $90) and the 24mm. Kitaco Flatslide (about $200). A honda racecamshaft will cost about $40, Kitaco and Takegawa also provide race-camshafts but they're very expensive, about $120.

The retarding mechanism limits your Dax to about 7000 rpm. On the inside of the flywheel there are two arms that move outwards as the revs rise. They will cause the ignition to be retarded, the sparkplug will spark to late wich causes a powerloss and might damage the exhaustvalve because the ignition will take place as the exhaustvalve is already opening. You can lock down the retarding mechanism by screwing two parker-screws into the retarding arms so they can't move outwards. With the retarding mechanism locked down your ped will reach about 8500 rpm (20 % higher speed). You can also replace the entire flywheel for an ADVANCING flywheel, this will cost about $150 and will make your bike run over 10000 rpm.

P.S. Some Dax mopeds have a CDI ignition, for those the whole retarding-mechanism-story doesn't go, you'll have to replace the entire ignition system for an advancing CDI.

Re: Proma exaust for a Dax

send me a picture!

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