And then...Depression set in.

I started attacking the rust situation in my 1980 Garelli Sport gas tank and soon realized that it had worked it's way through the tank and was hiding under the paint. The result of my cleaning labor: Many, many little holes in the tank, now visible from the outside...from pinholes to one dime sized hole. This is going to greatly deminish my tanks ability to function correctly.(Although I won't have to worry about the cap vent being clogged)

Plan B: Beg for someone to come forward with a tank for sale that will enable me to remove the bungee'd plastic lawnmower tank from my otherwise cool babe magnet.

Waaah.....Waaaaaaah...........Feel sorry for meeeee!!!!!

Re: And then...Depression set in.

hey! what model of garelli is it?

a friend of mine just showed me a couple peds that are stacked up in his garage (he rebuilds motorcycles and thought they would be a fun project)... he MIGHT sell the tank off the garelli.. i dont remember what kind it is, but i know is IS NOT a top tank... =]

ill check his out when you let me know what kind yours is...

take care


Re: And then...Depression set in.

I have two Garelli top tank parts bikes, don't know what shape the tanks are in but I'll check and let you know. They are both a faded red color with white trim.

Re: And then...Depression set in.

Oooh Casey!

Mine is a 1980 Garelli Sport. It is NOT a top tank. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Mine is gold with black trim but I'd take a pink one with lime green dots if it'll hold gas!

Thanks for checking!

Re: And then...Depression set in.

Thanks Zippy but a top tank isn't what I need. I appreciate the reply!

Re: And then...Depression set in.

It's not a top tank, but it does detach from the frame, right?

Re: And then...Depression set in.

Yes Chris, it easily detaches from the frame. It's mounted to the front vertical bar of the frame with two bolts.


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