Garelli Performance Questions

I have a 1980 Garelli Sport and live in the mountains. I am just as likely to be on gravel roads as paved roads. It has great power in the flats but sometimes can't pull my ass up the steep hills without utilizing the manual assist units (pedals). I'm concerned that the hills may be putting too much stress on the engine/tranny, and with Garelli parts so hard to come by I don't want to flog the thing too much.

My options are:

1.Lose weight.

2. Move.

3. Bump up the performance somehow.

I have read about 70cc kits, performance exhaust, larger carb jets, various sprokets, etc...Hell, I even read about flaming tailpipes.

I don't have the bucks to get crazy with this but I am looking for some easy, sensible, low cost ways to increase performance. I'm not looking to race the thing, just to ride around without feeling like I'm over stressing my new obsession.

Any ideas?

Re: Garelli Performance Questions

i would avoid a 70cc kit. too many of them have problems and they are not worth the cost, in my opinion.

losing weight is always an option, i guess. and it might help your health! ;-)

but seriously, let us know what configuration you have. a larger carburetor may help, or even just chaning jet size. you can also gain low end power by switching to smaller front sprocket (or larger rear one). both of these solutions should be easy enough to find.

but mopeds were never really meant to pull people up steep hills. i only weigh about 140 lbs and my mopeds have trouble pulling me up anything more than 30 degrees.

Re: Garelli Performance Questions

Hi Miguel has some good points, but mabe you rings are just bad or worn down, or carboned up. This would be your cheeper item to check. Doug D.

Re: Garelli Performance Questions

Thanks for the tips. As far as I know the bike is stock. I know nothing of it's history but it doesn't seem to have been modified, or even worked on in any way.

I don't know a great deal about two-stroke engines but I kind of doubt if the rings are bad. It doesn't smoke at all and seems to have good power on flat ground. Also easy to start and smooth idling. I may just be expecting too much from the small engine.

Will riding in a "hilly" area reduce the life expectancy of the engine and/or tranny?

I suspect so. I guess I'm just searching for a way to minimize the wear and tear while still enjoying a lot of ride time. Perhaps a smaller sprocket might take a little off the top end but give a little more low end torque? Thanks again for any advice.


Re: Garelli Performance Questions

Steve take miguel's advice and go for the bigger rear sprocket, or smaller front. You will lose some top end, but it will pull you up those hills better. This is the cheapest choice. A larger carb would help too, but that is a little pricey.

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