I just wont to now why theres is no pics of daxes?

And one other thing why does some pepole put a cd50 engine on a dax? i think its crazy.

RE: Dax

what does a dax look like? do you have any pics?

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Hi Peter,

There are plenty of pics of Honda Dax mopeds on Dutch fourstroke sites, my site http://drive.to/ivo215 has two, one original and one completely choppered up custom, click on the Honda SS50 on the main page for the photo's. You can acces a lot of other Dutch fourstroke sites through the 4-stroke webring link at the bottom of the main page of my site.

The reason why some people put a CD engine on a Dax is because it has a manually operated clutch instead of an automatic and it has four gears instead of three. All the engines of the Honda Dax, Novio, Chally, Cub, CD50 and SS50 are interchangeable.

I used to have a modified Cub engine ahnging under my SS50, the clutch, gearbox, cilinderhead and carburettor were replaced by SS50 parts. Now I have a modified SS50 engine under my SS50, the crankshaft and flywheel have been replaced by racingparts and the carburettor by a 16mm. Keihin imitation. The beauty about Honda fourstrokes is that every part is interchangable and therefore no fourstroke is the same.

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Hey Ivo.

Yes theres a hell lot of dutch sites, but most of them are in dutch I come from denmark. and i dont speak or read dutch witch is a problem.

But why are there no dax pix on the moped ary page, if they want to bring any kind of respect they need some dax pix.

The dax chopper you have on your page, how much more then the engine come from a Dax?

I Heard that cub should be a honda moped but i have never seen one do you have a pic?

All the interchangeable aint much fun in denmark beacuse only the Dax and the CD where imported.

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we would put more pics up, but honestly i had not heard of the dax until this thread. I wonder what kind of import they had to the US. Submit to us dax pictures, give a good description of what they are, and we will put them up. Can someone give a brief history of the dax? What was the engine like? why is it so popular? did they have pedals? who made it? from when to when? where? I wish i was more bilingual, so i could read those non-english sites.


moped army!

swarm and destroy!

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Hey Dan.

Im am not so good at english but i wil try to explain what a dax is.

Lets start the Dax was introduced in 1969. Its a Honda ST 50 some versions had bigger displacement they where called ST 70 ST 90. The name dax came from the place where mopeds reassembeld in Dahcslunde (i think its what the city is called, anyway its something wtch starts with dahcs) Too when you asked, as far as im am informed they are still produced. But maybe not by Honda, i think its Jincheng or something in china.

The moped has the honda 4stroke SOCH engine. It has 3 gears and automatic clutch. its the same engine witch is on a Honda CF50 chaly. Theres is a brake pedal, a gearpedal and a kickstarter.On the handle bars theres only a frontbrake handle no clutchhandle beacause of the automatic clutch. Its got 10 inch weels. The handle bars and the bars you have your feet on when you drive can be folded so it can be transportet easy. The Fuel tank is under the seat, The speedo is build in the headlight.

I guees that was the look. I will try to find a pic.

Why it so popular you will understand when you see the pic. the reliable engine could allso be a reason.

Yes i think it has been imported to the US of A

If any of the things about a dax that i made puplic now is wrong please let me now.

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Hi Dan,

I'll send you an email with a picture of a Dax.

The Honda Dax or ST originally comes in 50cc, 62.5cc, 70 cc, 85cc and 90cc, but there are racemodels with as much as 106cc. Honda started making them in the sixtees and stopped around 1980, now there's a company in Ta

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The frame and the engine are orinal Dax parts, but that's about it. That chopper is one of the mopeds of the Dutch Ragbak Devision. The Honda Cub is also an SOHC fourstroke, also known as the C50. I don't have a clear picture of a C50 except for the C310a, the smurf-blue moped on the picturepage of my site. I do know a mopedsite with a lot of C50 for sale, go to www.4-strokebikecentre.com and click on sales, last time I looked there where 6 pages of fourstroke mopeds for sale with a lot of C50's among it.

RE: Dax

Dan... It sound a lot like the old Z-50 that Honda sold here in the US since about 1970.... Now its called an XR50.... its not what we would call a moped....more a minibike


Thanx dude

RE: Dax

The Singa ("Monkey" in Chinese) is made in China by Jincheng, a company working under the umbrella of Suzuki IIRC.

Test in Dutch magazines revealed that the build quality does not lag far behind the original Honda, a fact that many Honda owners hate to believe.

However, my opinion is colored as I own a Singa - and am perfectly happy with it. It needs some after sale attention before use, but after that I found no weak spots, even though I was a fairly "heavy user" for 1500 Km so far. Great commuter tool to bypass the traffic jams!

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