Moto guzzi/Benelli G-2 moped

does anybody know anything about this model? what does g-2 mean? does it mean two speed tranny? i think its a 1981. thanks........................

Re: Moto guzzi/Benelli G-2 moped

Nope it doesn't mean a 2 speed tranny, It's original name was "Gentleman-Due" so maybe this is what the G-2 stands for. This bike has some rich heritage, it was designed by Alejandro de Tomaso the same fellow who designed the Pantera and Maserati.

Re: Moto guzzi/Benelli G-2 moped

thanks zippy, how fast does it go? does it have a nice ride to it? can you still find parts to it?

Re: Moto guzzi/Benelli G-2 moped

According to my reference materials it is rated at 30 mph. Should ride good with the heavy frame.

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