Puch Problems--starting and idling

I have a 77 Puch Maxi-Luxe one speed, 14mm carb and intake, 50cc, performance exhaust. My bike runs great, but has a few issues. First, It takes a few minutes to get it started, a bunch of kicks. Once it's started, it has to run for at least 3 minutes before I can give it gas, or it will die. After I let it run for the three minutes though, it runs and idles great. I can turn it off, run into the store, or whatever, come back to it 15 minutes later, and it starts on the first kick. What could be causing this?

Also, I am about to put some mags on my Puch. They came off of a Magnum. I have a question though. The mag has a much smaller sprocket then my rim does. I counted the teeth, and I think it has around 36-38, i kept losing track of where i was (bad eyes). My original rim has a 45 tooth sprocket. How much of a difference is this going to make? I don't want to do it, if it is going to jack me on the hills, and pickup. What size front sprocket do the Magnums have, or would I need to keep my current ratio?

Any help would be sweet! Swarm and Destroy


Re: Puch Problems--starting and idling

XBrandon EdgeX /

A lot of bikes require a warming up time. If it's only a first time of the day thing, I wouldn't worry about it. otherwise, maybe the choke plate is too small and not chocking it completely. As for the mag wheels, the smaller sprocket will probably affect you quite a bit on the hills. you might be able to get a 45 th for mags at themopedjunkyard.

Re: Puch Problems--starting and idling

I know my choke plate is big enough. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to make it start quicker. I am doing some heavy maintenence on my ped tonight.

Re: Puch Problems--starting and idling

put a bigger jet in it

Re: Puch Problems--starting and idling

Ron Brown /


If it runs good at high speed with good plug color, don't put a bigger jet in it. It will slow you down, decrease gas mileage and increase carbon build up.

I dont know what kind of carb a Puch has, but if you can get the choke mechanism to give you a slightly richer mixture for starting, you should just live with the warm up interval. Your ped is telling you it is happy with it's mixture.

If your carb has a "shutter in the intake" choke, try lots of throttle wheen you first try to start it. Most of the other choke types prefer no throttle.


Re: Puch Problems--starting and idling

Yeah Ron, it has a choke plate, that slides up and down. I have bigger fish to fry now, so that is on the back burner.

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