Complete Rebuild, Please Help

I have a 1978 Puch Maxi Sport MKII. I'm doing a (sorta) complete tear down to the frame. I'll be putting up a site with the entire process when I'm done. My question however is this: While I was cleaning the cylinder head, some of the black paint stuff came off when some carburator cleaner got onto it. Im assuming this has something to do with heat disappation? Is it safe to clean all this stuff off or should I leave it alone? I gotta admit, it would be damn cool to have a metal silvery head as opposed to that icky black thats on there now. If the only risk is getting burned tho, I'll go for it, since I burn myself on the goddamn exhaust anyways.

Thanks in advance


Re: Complete Rebuild, Please Help

XBrandon EdgeX /

I don't think the black paint affects heat dissipation much, it just flakes off eventually, anyways. I've got a newport with no paint on the cylinder and I've never overheated it.

Re: Complete Rebuild, Please Help

I have the same icky black head on my Puch. I was thinking about painting it with engine paint, but I am afraid that I will get paint somewhere that it doesn't belong.

Re: Complete Rebuild, Please Help

InfectedBootSector /

As far as I know, the paint doesn't affect heat transfer all that much.. that is what the fins are for....

My Maxi has the plain silver head, and it never ever heats up, not even in the mountains here on a hot and humid summer day....

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