lohman diesel

i read in a book about a lohman diesel engine for moped around 30 cc, italian make in the years 1950-1960, does anyone of you has info about this bike ?

thank you and lots of fun with your bikes

RE: lohman diesel

allstatemoped /

Never heard of it, but then there's a lot of stuff I never heard of. A friend and I were discussing the possibilities of a diesel moped the other day, and we thought it sounded like a cool idea! I would also be interested to know about this machine. I bet it's one rare duck!

Re: lohman diesel

Johannes H Andersen /

My dad had a moped with this engine in the 1950's. See thread

in ng uk.rec.cars.maintenance

thread: Diesel cars under 1300cc name them all please


Re: lohman diesel

hakan axelsson /

I have a lohman diesel moped, 18 cc, 1952.

Raced at Hammarosvangen, a local veteran run july 8 2002, 50 km.

Hav some pictures, but is out of office today.

Best regards hakan a

Re: lohman diesel

sick. How does (or did) it compare to the common 2-stroke peds?

Re: lohman diesel

Regina Powell /

Small engine diesel bikes are really popular in parts of Asia. A friend of mine went over there and said that there was a pall of thick diesel smoke over the cities from mopeds and small motorcycles.

Maybe popular because in a pinch, you can cut diesel fuel with cooking oil and other non-fuel oils. Runs dirty as hell, though.

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