Apple Macintosh

Apple is so cool--

check out their new Imac-- wow.

I'll post a pic of it later-- it made the Time magazine cover.

Re: Apple Macintosh

I've heard it's new nickname: the I-lamp

Apple (Photo)

Here's a shot of the new imac-- nice machine--


Re: Apple (Photo)

VespaCIAO /

Nice machine or attractive machine? I don't care for apples, but don't get me wrong they are nice for what they do, graphics, layouts...etc. They are the coolest looking around though.


Re: Apple (Photo)

Waynebroderick /

Vespa-- I've got 3 Imacs, and an Ibook-- I'm extremely fond of Apple.

I can't speak for the new machine, but its numbers and stats are impressive.

As for my Imacs, they're the best-- and the Ibook is pretty flashy too. All of them do well as far as performance and stuff-- they even run Win98, if needed.

I've got a Grape, a Lime, a Graphite, and a Blueberry Ibook--- loving them all.

I could add that new machine to the mix, without it even looking like it was there-- would also be nice in a house where you didn't want a computer mess to go along with a computer system.

Re: Apple (Photo)

I am with Wayne. I love my power book! Macs rule.

Re: Apple (Photo)

InfectedBootSector /

I have an Apple IIci with a Turbo601 ppc accelerator, 128megs of ram, an Apple High Res Nubus card, PAS 16 audio card, 9 gig SCSI hard drive and a bynch of other stuff.... not bad for a machine made in 1989..still use it every day...

Re: Apple (Photo)

damn that brings me back to my early college days I had a IIGS with the video overlay card, 7 megs of ram and a 200 meg SCSI hard drive. in 94 that was some really hard stuff to find. I had an overdrive processor that kicked the poor old thing up to like 8mhz up from 1.5.

I had the whole thing mounted in a normal pc case to avoid all the overheating problems that the IIGS used to have. There's a picture of us working on it, with like four monitors hooked up to the thing, somewhere on the net- I'll have to find it.

Re: Apple (Photo)

InfectedBootSector /


I have 2 IIgs's and 2 IIe's...

Re: Apple (Photo)

i personally am not sure if i like the new imac design. cool specs, but just not sure of the silly look to it. i like boxy things. oh well. but i love the new ibook! makes me wish i could get one (i just bought the icebook a while back). i love the larger screen! when they come out w/a g4 model, i'll get one for sure.

i was excited about the macworld expo ... but i was actually hoping apple would release a new small device (a la ipod). something like a newton-driven palm devise or something like that. that would be awesome! well ... it could happen.

but glad (as always!) to hear that apple did so well over the last quarter, even when companies slumped. go apple!

Re: Apple (Photo)

Is the IBook the one that looks like a toilet seat?

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