Puch & thomos

In holland puch & thomos are known for their 'sucking' level, old mopeds who died years ago...

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this is what we do with 'police'


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gimmyjimmy /

where's the tulips?

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Ok, then what wonderful much better newer mopeds have they replaced them with ?

Re: Puch & thomos

Yeah, I love my Puch! Don't blast on german engineering! :)

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new mopeds?! most of them are hyper sport scooters, like Gilera DNA, Runner, Malaguti Firefox/Phantom, Aprilia SR etc.

But the 'race replica's' are very succesful at the moment: Aprilia RS, Moto Hispania, Rieju, Derby, whatever...

Puch sucks (here at least), and you can't get no better shit in the States I suppose.

I really don't dare to ride a Puch, I fear them... brrrr

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puch and tomos rule....... second off racing scooters who the hell wants one of those big ugly flashy things that can supposidly go fast if u want speed get a motorcycle

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take a puch and install a 50cc cylinder the fastest possible... the 'ugly' aero scoot will still blow the hell out of that stinking old puch

Scooters in this country are restyled and do not look like that old shitty vespa's...

Re: Puch & thomos


Perhaps you should find a nice scooter forum, where people can brag about how great their scooters are (compared to mopeds)

You come to the forum, trash on mopeds, and then compare them to Scooters.

Do you even know the difference between a Moped and a Scooter?

Maybe you should go back to the coffee shop, and smoke a few more before your next post.

Jurrie Wrote: "......I really don't dare to ride a Puch, I fear them..."

I think anyone who is scared of a moped has some problems they need to address with a therapist.

Good Luck, Jurrie--- You obviously need it.

Re: Puch & thomos

InfectedBootSector /

Jurrie-- Your a dumb ass...

I get so sick of people like you treating us like shit becuase you THINK your scooters are better... I tell ya- if you think your scooter is so great, why don't ride a motorcycle? How about a Harley--- try to get that in Holland....


Re: Puch & thomos

Ron Brown /

Excuse me guys, but isn't Jurrie the guy who posted pics of a hot rodded Batavus a little while ago?

It would be nice if he would save his "scooter" crap for a scooter forum, but you can't accuse him of hating peds. Misguided maybe, after all, he is hot rodding a Batavus and is too scared to ride a Puch. Go figure. : )


Re: Puch & thomos

Sorry for all the misunderstandings... we DO have got Harley's here though...

I'm only saying scooter's are more powerful than mopeds... the quality of scooter components is very low.... but the puch mopeds that drive around here are real .. uh... wrek's?

I own mopeds too...

-Batavus city 'hot rod'...

-Yamaha FS 1

-Vespa Super Bravo

.....and a scoot, a Yamaha BW's Bump aka MBK Booster

Re: Puch & thomos

How do you like the Vespa moped?

Re: Puch & thomos

The vespa is really good, but that's because i got it from family, with 1500 km on it...

First drove it standard... 43 km/h...

then a proma... 46 km/h

Then i got pissed of of the slow speed and turned to a hand made tuned pipe... lots of sound, but... 51 km/h

And i don't wanted a big bore kit, because the engine is 100% and the vespa isn't really suited for >60 km/h

but it's a good moped, now standing (half a year) in my shed

Re: Puch & thomos

Hey,Jurrie! I was wondering why you are only getting 50kmh speed from a moped with a tuned pipe? My bikes are stock 50cc and will top that easily.Maybe you have a built-in restriction from the factory or something holding them back.Also,even though I was a little offended at your deprecating speech about Puch and Tomos `peds,I do like the choice of the Yamaha FS-1.But does it have pedals and is it a true moped?

Re: Puch & thomos

The Vespa IS restricted on the cilinder. And the Yamaha doesn't have pedals.... I don't like peddling....

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