When angry riders attack !

The brain-dead car driver wished he never came near the swarming pack of riders.

This photo probably won't load

But here it is

(Note... no human beings were actually hurt during this incident)

<IMG src="http://www-personal.umich.edu/~wdean/images/when_bikers_attack_neg.jpg">;

Re: When angry riders attack !

Who ever they were they should have pulled the engine. It looks like there is something mean under the hood of that ride. It is a shame, it appears to have once been a pretty cool cruiser.

Re: When angry riders attack !

Reeperette /

Oh my....that'd make a nice wallposter.....


Re: When angry riders attack !



Re: When angry riders attack !

isn't that just a screen capture from mad max? I remember because the velocity stacks were just bolted (or taped) to the hood. that and it's a right hand drive 59 chevy (holden).

Re: When angry riders attack !

dunno... somehow it doesn't hit me as MadMax image...

but... go here if you want to see a better (positive instead of negative) image


Re: When angry riders attack !

gimmyjimmy /


looks like the oil change service at my local pep boys!

Re: When angry riders attack !

it's from the first movie- one of the first cars that bites it too. damn- I know too much about cars.

Re: They're still around

There's one of those 4 door sedans still running around the nieghborhood here.

They appear to have run it into a vetical pipe on the right front, but otherwise it's saveable. I think a welfare mother drives it.


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