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Shane Wolfe /

Hello all! I'm interested is organizing a Moped tour of the local area. I live in a historic part of Maryland. Would anyone be interested in doing a tour on Mopeds? I was thinking of mybe a tour of sites along the Cumberland Road (Old National Road, US40, upon other names), which started near where I live.

Any suggestions, comments?

RE: Moped Tour

If you think you could make it as far as michigan, the moped army could give you a place to stay.


moped army

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Denny Reed /

Hi Shane, I'am in Germantown,MD and this sounds interesting.It would be cool if

the other MD,PA and VA riders could get together on this. What make moped are

you riding, and where are you located

Too Stroked,


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seeing as were talking about long moped rides..... What's the longest trip any of you have taken on a Ped?.... Mine only goes to 24 miles, when I had no other transpo........ I have talked to a guy who had just ridden his Spree from Pontiac Mich. to Onaway Mich. .....a trip of about 200 miles... to see his girlfriend.... I figure she musta been pretty cute!..... he had also rigged up a car stereo and a speaker to listen to tunes as he went.

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Simon King /

i once met a man who had just got done riding his moped from michigan to flordia, and then back. he was in the bus station at the time, because by the time he got back up to toledo he was camping and he said that some hippies burnt his moped - just flat out set it on fire while he was sleeping.....very strange guy - and the longest ride i've ever heard of.

it was a moped too, he showed me a pre-burning picture.

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Rick Allison /

I live about 10 miles from US-40 in Columbus, Ohio. You probably are not up to riding to Ohio are you? We have some historical sites in central Ohio. The longest trip I have taken is about 40 miles. I have thought about a longer trip though. Sofar most of my trips are to work and back, about 16 miles a day.


RE: Moped Tour

Those weren't hippies Simon. Hippies would never burn another man's ride! I was a hippie in '68 man, don't tell me we're still taking the heat for the destructive actions of the damned "juice freaks." Man, some things never change. Drunks have no respect. Hippies love and respect everyone. Peace.

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InfectedBootSector /


RE: Moped Tour

Kevin Harrell /

Is this the same Bob who has been known to hang out with Team Gumby? If so I did not know that you had a moped too.

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once i get my damn mk2 on the road i would ride from fairfax va up into md, prolly like a 3 or 4 hour moped ride

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