BiTurbo Law question


If I added a BiTurbo exhaust to my puch maxi, would it be considered illegal to use in NJ for driving on the road?


RE: BiTurbo Law question

...If New Jersey has a horsepower limit it might technically be illegal..... But I doubt a cop would ever know that you had a different pipe on it..... It will be louder than stock.... so a smart cop who knows about engines might figure it out....the most important thing is for you to obey the traffic laws.... that way the cop will not have a reason to pull you over.

RE: BiTurbo Law question

I also live in nj, i put a new pipe (same as the one your talking about) and a new motor (70cc big bore kit) and it is technically illegal, but not one cop will actually know (or care) if some kid is having fun riding their moped.

RE: BiTurbo Law question

If you stil have a 49cc engine it is legal.

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