Is moped theft a problem in your area?

Here in Kalamazoo, we have a big problem with moped theft, while we usually get them back, it is still very anoying. Is theft a big problem in your area? what do you do to prevent it? what do you do if it happens? Do you know who does it?any locking preferences? The only locking soloution we trust around here is multiple U-locks.


moped army!

swarm and destroy!

RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

it hasn't been a problem at all here in bethlehem. then again there aren't many of us around and when we're out cruising they're never locked up outside for long cause the stops aren't normally that long i'd say. sometimes i just lock the front wheel when only gone for a few minutes just as a deterrent. for the most part we all keep our peds garaged at home when not in use too. well a certain somebody leaves his ped right outside his house unlocked and all and has never had a problem with it at least not from stranger thieves (some of us have borrowed it when he wasn't around kinda with permission). as for locking i use a big ass chain i got from home depot that the guy said is extremely hard to cut through and a matching shrouded big ass dual tumbler masterlock. i wrap the chain in between the top tank and the frame of the ped so the chain hangs right along the bottom of the frame. i used to lock it around the top tank until i figured out how easy it was to remove the tank (1 bolt and remove the fuel line) so now this way seem to work fine. it'd be a real bitch to slide the chain off the ped.

freak that moped theft madness going on there. i can't believe how much it happens to you guys. kill them all.


RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

VSX_Youth /

In a way it is in my area, I just got my 8 month-old Go-Ped X-Ped w/$90 worth of carb mods on it. I have a new solex and it gets a bike cable lock wrapped around it multiple times and then to a big ass bike rack. If I find the Mother Fucking @!#$ who stole my Go-Ped then he is going to get beat the hell down with my big wallet chain and then I'll burn out all over its face with my Go-Ped.

As Metallica says "KILL 'EM ALL",


RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

Shane Wolfe /

People don't want mopeds here. They all laugh at me for riding one. What fools they are!

RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

Simon King /

dave wrote:


> freak that moped theft madness going on there. i can't believe

> how much it happens to you guys. kill them all.

yeah, we counted and over the last 3 years we've gotten 19 mopeds stolen. only 2 haven't been recovered. so a pretty good track record for getting them back, but it's no fun and they're ususally in pretty bad shape when we do.

a garage would be awesome, it's too bad we don't have a shed or something behind our apartment. i'd bring them inside but my landlord would complain and my apartment is the third floor....oh well.

RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

Reeperette /

My old area, Baltimore City ?

The answer would be HELL YES !

I've had one stolen and chopped by a repair shop, while it was in that very shop for repairs, and one of the shops that i used to buy them from, i suspect of stealing another.

(It seemed odd to me that more than half the mopeds they sold were stolen, alarms and security notwithstanding, about 3 months later - my suspicion is that they were just re-crating them till they weren't "hot" anymore.)

Yet a third i found in the police impound after reporting it stolen, yet when i came back the next day with proof of ownership - it was no longer there...some cop must have taken it for his kid, bastard.

Had one lifted from a bicycle rack by someone who put the whole rack, bike, chain and all, into the back of a truck while i was at work, and those same cops also refused to let me take that one back from the yard of the jerk who'd stolen it, threatening me with a trespassing bust - for trying to retrieve my own damn bike !

(i knew who did it, and he had it in his yard in plain view, mind.)

And then there's the amateurs.

Ran into the rope-across-the-road gig not once, but least one barricade with a smash-n-grab intent (more smash than grab, it was a street gang i had run off the street from my 'ped with a length of chain a week earlier, and they were very pissed.)

Numerous shove-n-run bikejacking attempts, sometimes with thrown objects such as rocks and bottles (good reason to wear an Mk-65 Army Field Jacket with Motorcross armor under it, as well as boots/helmet)

And all of that, repeatedly, while i was ON it !

Even sitting still it was a target, we lived on a small hill, and the bike was run up that hill about 2 feet from the front window, and chained to an 8-ft long, very thick, barbed metal stake we had driven into the ground and poured concrete around, and that chain was nicknamed "drawbridge chain" cause it would raise one, more or less.

The chain was also locked with a "Circle Lock", making it impossible to just cut the hasp, too.

This was no deterrent at all, either, on average there were two attempts to steal it per week, and most of them resulted in vandalism damage, smashed headlights, turn signals, etc....not to mention the old sand/sugar in the gas for laughs.

Many of these were broad daylight attempts, often right in front of us, especially after running one of them from the yard with a crosbow, and nearly being arrested for defending my property by the police, while the jerk who tried to lift it was standing right outside my yard snickering...the cops were a bit less than no help, in protecting your wheels.

The last bike i owned in that city was a Tomos Trike, and it met it's end when some thieving bastard who could not take it from me tied it to a truck and tore it apart trying to break the chain...then set it on fire for spite, while i was in the hospital.

If you own a Moped and live in Baltimore MD - MOVE....I did, and good riddance to the place.

Since then, no problems.

My Reccommendation ? Chain a the bike down six ways to sunday, get a very large and hostile dog, and tie him to it too, and buy a shotgun.

Anyone touchin my bike, i don't even yell a warning, hell with em, my patience with it is gone...they get both barrells of an over/under 12g loading rocksalt, ankles-to-eyebrows and i'll see em in hell.


RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

Regina Powell /

My 'ped isn't running yet, and is inside my boyfriend's house, so I haven't had any problems yet.

My l'il Indian has a keyed fork/ignition lock. When that's locked, not only is the front wheel prevented from turning side to side, you also can't start it. I s'pose if someone REALLY wanted it, they could pedal it in a straight line somewhere. Seeing as the damn thing weighs in excess of a hundred pounds, they'd have to be really determined.

I don't know if that's something you can install, but it seems like a relatively good idea. On smaller peds I guess they could just pedal them somewhere to where they could figure out how to get around the lock-out circuit. I dunno...

RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

what the lanlord doesnt know cant piss him off :)

RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

Ree , In Balt. there isn't to much that won't be riped off. I read in the paper few weeks back that there was lot of dumpster stolen, 51 in 1 week. there probaly in Trenton now.

RE: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

The better the neighborhood the less chance of being ripped off. If I lived in Los Angeles proper, i would be more concerned. Here, 9 miles east of downtown L.A., nobody knows what a moped is.

But the nice neighborhoods also have their problems. The paper reported a while back about gardeners in the nicer areas having their trucks stolen for the equipment. In one case, the thieves took a truck, which was unattended, and left behind another which had been stolen the day before!

Alot of the gardeners were in the habit of leaving the keys in the truck since it was a "nice" neighborhood.

You just have to be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly.


Re: Is moped theft a problem in Maine?

It is hard to tell. The girl intown said hers has has multiple theft attempts....I think she chains it on the street though.

Mine is always outside a store I'm shopping at, locked if I go to the movies, or on a friends or my own lawn.

There isn't really any chance for a thief to get at at my bike, except in the 20 mins it takes me to go buy a ps2 game or a box of nails or WD-40...

Never had any theft or vandalism. Well, unless you count pranks.

Some of the guys I worked with at a pizzaria used ropes to life my 1978 express up onto the ROOF of the pizza place.

After I finally got done freaking about my stolen moped, they walked me out into the street, so I could see my moped parked on the rook of hte building.

I was so mad. Nothing was damaged, and they helped me lower it back down. They saw how mad I was, and I swore all their cars would be on cinderblocks (with the valve stems removed from the tires...)

no damage, right? just a pain in the butt, to get that special tool to put your valve stem back in... that and rebolting your tires to the rim....and filling the tires....

all in good fun, right??!?

I didn't do anything in "revenge" but I bet the guys who did it were checking their tires every morning for the next week.

I was so angry-- it was fall with a light chill, and you could see my bald head steaming. It made me more mad that they were laughing at me steaming.

After everything calmed down, I explained that messing with my bike was the exact same as messing with my wife's car. It's my ride, and don't F*ck with it.

I am worried that one day, I'll be on a short trip into the mall, forgot U-lock at home, and heckel and jeckel in their pick-up truck will make off with my moped.

Did we ever hear back from the sorry sucker who had his Aprilla Scarebo lifted during the 4th of july weekend... man that sucks, bad. I was looking at that bike before I got the Kymco. nice machine---total bummer for that dude.

Re: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

When I was in Europe, we used to use a U-Bolt lock through the rear wheel and chain it to a handy object (phone poles etc are great). Also, some landlords won't object to you placing a ring bolt in the parking stall, maybe to the concrete lane block or sunk into the pavement? there's always an option.

On another note, a great (and cheap) cover for your bike is the double sized BBQ cover. Its waterproof, insulated to help protect you seat from excessive heat and the internal fibres absorb dew, keeping you butt dry!

Re: Is moped theft a problem in your area?

chuck russo va /

almost had my ped stolen once, it wasnt locked. after that it was locked everytime. almost had my bikes stolen multiple times. i was in subway getting food befor i got a job there and i walked out and some kid had his hands on my 800 dollar mountain bike. i was liek wtf and he dropped it and ran.

then i cought someone trying to steal my bmx bike from outside of giat food stores while i was getting a job application

well i sold the bmx bike and the mountain bike has a messed up rim and i dont have a job at either of those

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