motobecane plug and tank cleaning..

what sort of spark plug should i use in a 77 motobecane 50L? also, is this the 20 mph version or 30 mph?

also, my tank is FILTHY! like chunks of crud all in it... whats the best process for doing this? i know about the kerosene and whatnot.. but i heard someone mention something that "coats" the inside of the tank? whats this product called and where could i pick some up!? thanks!


Re: motobecane plug and tank cleaning..

There are several products, the one that coats the tank is called "Creem". It is a 3 step process. Another product is "Rustol" , a one step process.

When you get ready to do it, order a new fuel petcock before you start. Remove the old petcock (it is probably shot). Plug the hole where the petcock was with a wooden plug. Use about a cup of acetone to loosen the old varnished gas that has settled in the bottom of the tank. Careful don't get the acetone on the paint.

Drain the acetone into a container (wear golves and drain it outside or in a well ventilated area). The combination is a nasty smelling stuff. Then use the garden hose with a nozzle to blast out all the loose rust and debris. Flush from top and bottom (through the petcock hole to bubble out the big stuff).

You can also put rocks are nuts and bolts in the tank and shake it to break loose the rust. Count the rocks or bolts to make sure you get them all out.

Now use the Creem or Rustol and follow the mfg directions.

When you are finished put in the new fuel petcock.

Re: motobecane plug and tank cleaning..

awesome! thanks alot zippy!

i lickily have a spare peicock.. so ill get on it tomorrow... which product would you suggest? can i just pick it up at autozone or something?? thanks again!


Re: motobecane plug and tank cleaning..

If it is really bad I would recommend using Creem. Be sure and follow the mfg instructions and don't get this stuff on the paint. You only need to use half the kit as it is designed for motorcycle tank capacities. Be sure and let the Creem dry before you put gas/oil mix in the tank

Re: motobecane plug and tank cleaning..

so.. where can i get this stuff? about how much should i expect to pay? thanks for all the tips...

and yes, this tank is pretty bad... guess i'll go for the "creem"...

what about using kerosene? matt's dad helped us clean out the tank on his when we first got it... and he just ran kerosene through it a few times.. then straight gas.. then started in with the gas/oil mix...

i most likely DO need to use the coat product, though... just wondering about using kerosene instead of acetone...


Re: motobecane plug and tank cleaning..

Creem kit costs about $30. You can get it online or at most motorcycle supply shops and some dealers. You can use kerosene but I doubt if it will get the rust out. Have you ever seen the bottom of an old paint can that has been setting for several years? That is something like the bottom of your gas tank. The old gas, oil and moisture combine to make a glue like or varnish in the bottom of the tank that is difficult to get out. You can try using kerosene and then flush with gas until it runs clean.

The issues are if you don't treat your tank properly the rust will continue to clog up your carb. The rust could also eventually rust through your tank.

Whatever you do after you clean it out, keepthe tank full and the oil/gas mixture will help keep it from rusting and minimize condensation. Drain and clean it if you are going to put it up for the winter.

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