Bat spark plug wire

I was putting my ped together after getting it from forward air and noticed that the spark plug wire was loose. I barely touched it and it just fell off. My friend had the same problem with his Batavus starflight. I took the deck off and 'screwed' the wire back on, but it seems like a kinda cheesy way to connect the wire - isn't there a better way to connect it? It looks like the part that the wire goes into is built into the coil though....


Re: Bat spark plug wire

Ron Brown /


I have not bothered to look at mine, but if you see what looks like the sharp end of a brass wood screw when you look into the end of the coil, this is a typical installation. You should use stranded copper plug wire and if the wire gets loose at the coil and you have enough slack, cut off about 1/4" from the end of the wire and then screw it back in.


Re: Bat spark plug wire

InfectedBootSector /

Mine fell off one time and I about freaked out.... l I didn't know much about smaller motors then....

Re: Bat spark plug wire

if it makes you feel better do like i do.. push it or screw it on or whatever and get out alittle electrical tape :0)

I am using an 8mm wire

heh... I use an 8 mm racing I had left over from a Car I was doing (1967 cobra jet)

I got a huge coil and it came with its on coil wire so I just used the other from the new wire kit for the ped.. its huge.. almsot doens't fit intot he coil hole.. but it fits really snig.. I dont have to worry about it falling off but Im a cheese and used alittle electric tape to ensure it doesn't get knocked off on accident.

Re: Bat spark plug wire

Reeperette /

You can put a Tomos plug cap on the end of the wire there, as long as you are using plugs where you can screw the top-thingies off.


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