Don't forget to check out E-bay. There's always a ton of moped stuff there.

Some regulars have had trouble w/sellers, but it's worth a try--

There's like 6 pages of moped-related items there now.

Does anyone remember the 'bizarre' pedals that were being sold there? Someone on the forum was bidding on them, but I never saw a follow-up post about how they worked.

I think the post was called "flat feet for moped" or something....

Re: E-Bay

chuck russo (VA) /

i won the auction for a 78 maxi on ebay and they guy tryed to charge me over 400 to ship the bike and thats more than the final bid, so i told him he can stick it up his ass. i got negative ebay feedback for that

Re: E-Bay

Chuck, I suggest not bidding on a moped on ebay, unless, it is close enough, and you have the means to, pick it up. Shipping is a tough thing, because most people don't know who to call to ship something so large, so they end up calling a company that charges way too much. That then gets passed on to you, the buyer.

Wayne, I believe it was Doug, who won those flat feet and I am sure that he posted back to tell us how they worked out. Search this site for "flat feet", or something.

I look at ebay everyday, for moped stuff. It rulls!

Re: E-Bay


Have you found a new piston yet? Sorry i couldn`t help ya with that. And Wayne, there are a few "bad boys" on Ebay, but you can deal with "ikesbikes" with cofidence!!!!..............right Chuck?????

E-Bay (Flat Feet) Hey Doug!


There are all the results-- He posted in november, saying he'd update us, but it isn't listed in the 7 results for "Flat Feet"

No biggie, I'd never seen pedals like those at all--

Search Results:

1. Re: Flat Feet for moped - don-ohio

Yeah,Doug,I deal with him a lot.He's good people.

Date: 11-16-01 13:54

2. Re: Flat Feet for moped - Ron Brown

Wayne, If you click on the instruction sheet in the ad, the purpose becomes clearer. It looks like one end clamps between the pedal and crank using a male/female adapter, then the footrest extends b

Date: 11-13-01 09:37

3. Re: Flat Feet for moped - Doug D

Hey All, IF I`m winning bidder of the feet rest, will let you know if their any good, the same guy in Ohio sells them once in a while. Doug D.

Date: 11-12-01 21:44

4. Re: Flat Feet for moped - gimmyjimmy

they look like floorboards found on touring bikes, the high bidder (only bidder) on that item is a regular on this forum, Doug D.

Date: 11-12-01 20:25

5. Flat Feet for moped (Photo) - Wayne B.

Here's a photo of what we're talking about

Date: 11-12-01 19:42

6. Re: Flat Feet for moped - Crisis--cincinnati

Yeah, that's wierd. I guess they just replace you pedal arms. That seems like a wierd position for your feet, but maybe.

Date: 11-12-01 19:24

7. Flat Feet for moped - Wayne

I couldn't figure out how to attach the Pic, and the Work computers (where I'm at now) won't let you attach files. So anyway, WTF is this?? Just funky pedals Footrests?? Here's a link: http://c

Date: 11-12-01 16:54

Re: E-Bay

Hey Guys, About the Flat Feet, I had to get some good peddle arms from Ike`s Bikes, then got sick, and now its been too cold for me to do much in the garage, have artheritice in my legs. But I laid those things out and look like they will make dandy feet rest. My garage is full of peds to repair, can`t wait for warmer weather! Doug Davidson

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