check out this ride

Woo hoo. This looks like fun...

until you want to take a slow turn.

Re: check out this ride

The link didn't work for me, but I'm betting it's the "uniped" picture. I'd like to see someone ride it.

Re: check out this ride

aguy built one of those back in the 50's but it was much taller and a thinner wheel but it is actually a "steering wheel" the guy is holding...rog

Psychotic, I love it.

Reeperette /

Hella yeah!...I wanna ride that !



User failure, on my part. Apparently, I need to learn how to 'cut and paste' an URL.

That is a crazy machine. Reminds me of when we'd get drunk and roll down a hill in a tire or a barrel.

Last year, someone posted a "Sno-Ped" that was equipped with nifty skis instead of front tires--

here's da pic

that was me

Wayne that was me with that sno-ped last year. I ended up selling it on ebay for almost $800 a week after I paid $300 for it :)

Here's a great site with many pics of the sno-runner

Re: Done that

I've seen a short clip of a guy riding one of those. It was apparently made in the 20's.

It pops up occasionally in those "Get here any way you can" sale ads on TV.


Re: check out this ride

I wonder how many times he flips over when he puts the breaks on. Kinda like when you got in a tire and had someone push you along. Made you kinda dizzy.


entire site about it

Re: entire site about it

gimmyjimmy /

thanks for that link Rob, that's some cool shit,

I just watched that video of the V8 monowheel, that would be fun to drive but I think you would need a three lane highway to turn it around. :{)

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