Moped Shipping Advice - Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks from everyone for offering advice on shipping mopeds. I shipped mine from Syracuse, NY to Seattle, WA using forward air. No problems at all.


Re: Moped Shipping Advice - Thanks

What kind of moped, how much did it cost

how much for shipping--??

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So here is the deal. I took my batavus va way apart (handlebars, seat, petals, gas tank) which made it really thin. I then bought two 1/2 inch sheets of plywood and basically built a box all around it. I didn't even bother with straps to strap it down - I simply put a few cross peieces of wood inside the crate that held the moped down tight to the bottom. I then added an additional piece on the very bottom for extra support (hold the weight of the moped, etc., forklifting stresses and stuff) Lastly, I screwed three short two by four chunks on the bottom to 'pallet-ize' the crate so a forklift can pick it up. When I brought it to forward air, they were really cool and even lifted it off my mom's little saturn wagon which saved us some stress (it was a real b%$#@% getting it on the car). Weighed in at 220 pounds - BUT I must say, I was moving too so I had the crate packed with a ton of other random crap. Cost me 90 bucks for 220 pounds. I think it was a deal, considering that I dropped it off on the 28th and it got here to Seattle on the 2nd.

On another note, I wonder if it would be cool to add an option in the moped member directory to track people that are willing to help crate mopeds for other members in their area. Say for example, another member bought a moped on eBay that was in Seattle. I could go and check out the moped for the buyer (going there via moped of course) and possibly help or oversee the crating and shipping also. Could be a cool way to make sure fellow 'pedders don't get screwed.


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I've crated 2 honda elite 250's and shipped with FWD air out of Albany NY. They usually end up weighing 440lbs. with crate. It's a pretty intensive process that takes a long time. I charged $200 for each one. That included my labor and the materials. I did it right though.

I get used metal crates from my local honda dealer.

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