milling cylinders?

chuck russo (VA) /

is it possible to have my moped cylinder milled to give it higher compression which would increase the acceleration of it.

its for a 87 tomos top tank

i am runing a 27 tooth for the extra top end so i need to inprove my low end for when i am riding in trafic

Re: milling cylinders?

I cant tell you for sure, but at 49cc I doubt theres much room to take off .10 and not sure how much it would raise compression, you may even be able to experiment with head gasket thickness, but be careful the piston doesnt hit the head

Re: milling cylinders?

If a Tomos has got an iron cylinder, not aluminum, chrome plated or Nikisil, it's easier to just have it bored out to the next size and have the appropriate piston fitted to it.

mill the head to increase compression

Find an experienced dirtbike shop and have them take a look at your moped... they can either just take off .020" or so... or go farther and get the proper 'squish' clearance at the same time..

Re: milling cylinders?

Reeperette /

I'd advise against it, actually for the old don't have a gasket (or shouldn't, but I've seen fools stick em in there) and eventually the seal wears down if ya don't exactly mind replacing the cylinder top much sooner, go .10 to .20 but no more than that.

For the resta ya's for reference, the cylinder top on a Tomos is aluminum, and it doesn't use a cylinder gasket, just so's ya know.


Re: milling cylinders?


there is a guy who did it to there batavus, u could do it following his steps

here's his site

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