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I have a 1978 lazer that i just picked up. it only has 1,100 orig miles on it. The fuel was pretty old and I cleaned it out and took the carb apart to clean it. It will not run unless the choke is on all the way. It has great fuel flow and the carb seems 100%clean. I sprayed carb cleaner around all the connections to see if there is an air leak and there seems to be none. The adjusting screw ha sno impact what so ever if you turn it or even take it out. what am i missing?

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gimmyjimmy /

disconnect the fuel line at the carb and check the flow, if it's slow, the petcock screen could be clogged.

if the flow is good, then the carb is clogged somewhere,

dismantle and spray with carb cleaner then compressed air.

refer to fred's tune up guide in the resources at the top of this page.


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Ron Brown /


Your main jet is most likely still plugged. Remove it and look at it with a good magnifier. The tiny hole through it should be completely clear.


Re: 78 lazer

Just a quick question for you about the main jet.

when I pull out the screw on the bottom of the carb after pulling the bowl off, how do you pull the jet itself out? I assume when we are talking about the jet it's the brass tube above the screw with the 2 holes in it.

if it's supposed to come out with the screw then mine is broken and probably the cause of the problems I'm having. It's a del-something carb 12-14. I have a garelli ped i just got too that runs great with the same carb. i swapped carbs and the lazer ran better but had no power...the thing might be a lost cause and need a top end as well.

Re: 78 lazer

gimmyjimmy /

does that screw you took out on the bottom of carb have a number on it with a hole in the middle?....that's your main jet.

clean the tube and jet throughly with carb cleaner and compressed air. (use a pointed toothpick or a thin piece of wire on the jet if ya got one).

the carb is a Dellorto

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